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Vintage Motorola Brick Mobile Cellular Phone F09NFD8402AG DYNATAC? 1990s?
Buy: $200.00
Classic Old Vintage Outdoor Retro Brick Dual Sim Mobile Cell Phone Model:
Buy: $16.56
Vintage Motorola Accompli 009 Smart Phone NO charger
Buy: $220.00
Sharp Sidekick II 2 PV-100 Vintage Phone (T-Mobile) - White - UNTESTED #809
Buy: $64.99
Vintage Ericsson  - American type  called GE POCKETFONE
Buy: $15.00
Vintage SONY Portable Cell Phone CM-RX100 Cellular Flip Telephone Not Tested
Buy: $24.89
MOTOROLA DynaTAC Brick Phone Antenna/Aerial 3000 8800 8000x 8500x 8000m 8800x
Buy: $9.49
T Mobile Sidekick 3 Working!! In Box W/ Accessories
Buy: $1000.00
Motorola Ultra Classic Brick Cell Phone Cell Star+Car Adapter Vintage F09NFD8435
Buy: $149.99
VTG Motorola Digital Flip Cell Phone Mobile Air Touch 76441WNRSB w/ Battery Gray
Buy: $29.99
Vintage 1990's Nokia Model 100 Cell Phone THA-9 UNTESTED Brick Phone
Buy: $19.00
Vintage Motorola StarTAC 6000e Flip Phone SWF2829B
Buy: $49.99
Vintage 80's Motorola Brick Cell Phone + Car Plug - POWERS UP!
Buy: $249.99
RIM blackberry R900m For Parts Or Repair
Buy: $150.00
***RARE*** Apple iPhone 3G - 8GB - Black - A1241 - Sim Card & Cord!!
Buy: $93.05
Buy: $44.00
Vintage Motorola MicroTAC 650 Flip Style Cell Phone + Pull Up Antenna | AS IS
Buy: $25.99
AOS Retro Brick Cell Phone Ornament Vintage Cellular Phone Model Simulation
Buy: $18.82
Vintage rare Cell Phone HTC EXCA 300  First phone running Android ever.
Buy: $258.87
Vintage lot of 20 Pcs Cell Phones, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Flip phone 20 Pcs
Buy: $99.99
VINTAGE NOKIA 5190 NSB-1NX Mobile Cell Phone Untested No Accessories
Buy: $14.75
Vintage NOKIA 8860 Chrome Matrix Phone
Buy: $50.00
Motorola RAZR V3 Black GSM Complete In Box w/ Power & Manual - Tested & WORKS!
Buy: $39.99
Vintage Sprint Qualcomm QCP-1920 cell phone 
Buy: $7.50
1993 Motorola SCN2396A Cell, Cellular Mobile Car Bag Phone CellularOne USA Works
Buy: $68.54
Vintage Portable cell phone with bag Untested. Not Sure On Storage Cap.
Buy: $20.00
Apple iPhone 4 8GB White VERIZON A1349 Very Good Condition W/Box & Accessories
Buy: $39.99
Samsung SPH-n400 Saul Goodman / Better Call Saul Phone RARE Sprint PCS Vintage
Buy: $200.00
Vintage Motorola Digital Personal Communicator Flip Mobile Cell Phone Bundle
Buy: $149.95
Vintage Motorola Mobile Phone- 1990's Complete in Carrying Case with Paperwork
Buy: $68.00
Vintage Ericsson AH600 Cellular Phone New
Buy: $200.00
RARE Vintage flip phone Motorola Flip Cell phone Type:wwka Model#72564ad.
Buy: $500.00
Vintage MOTOROLA Cellular MicroTAC 650 FlipPhone *Untested*
Buy: $12.99
Motorola Nextel i930 Phone As-Is For Parts No Battery Got Wet
Buy: $21.00
Vintage NEC TR5E800-8A Mobile Car Phone US Customs Evidence Prop Bulky Black
Buy: $50.00
Vintage Nokia 2160i EFR Cell Phone Pull Out Antenna  W/Charger UNTESTED Prop
Buy: $32.99
Vintage Mitsubishi MT-1092FOR6A Cellular Personal radio Mobile CellPhone ASIS
Buy: $19.99
Retro Brick Cell Phone Ornaments (Black)Retro Brick Cell Phone Ornament
Buy: $19.68
Vodafone EB-2602 Vintage Brick Mobile Cell Phone, TV Prop, Collector.
Buy: $230.00
Vtg Cleartone CTN 700 Cellular Phone Rare Pink Color Hong Kong
Buy: $149.99
LOT OF 5 Motorola Moto G Power 5G Cell Phones Total Verizon Wireless 64gb SEALED
Buy: $299.99
Lot of 7 Vintage Cell Phones & Chargers Motorola Block Phone Nokia Verizon Flip
Buy: $39.99
Vintage Motorola cell phone car phone SCN2462Amobile phone with bag – works!
Buy: $64.99
Motorola MicroTAC  1995 Mobile Cell Phone & Accessories Untested 34913wndea
Buy: $49.99
HTC 6800 Mogul Pocket PC Phone Slider Full Qwerty Keypad Sprint Network Grade C
Buy: $29.94
Mountain MTN Dew Extreme Network Motorola  Pager Beeper Vintage Rare 90'S TRAP
Buy: $59.98
Vintage Motorola Antenna & Cable to Battery for SKN4614SA Bagged Cellular Phone
Buy: $16.95
Vintage Motorola StarTAC 80034NABLA Cell Flip Phone *UNTESTED* AS-IS*AT&T
Buy: $14.99
Motorola F09HLD8415BG Vintage Flip Mobile Phone Cell Star
Buy: $27.99
Motorola Razor V3 Flip Phone Vintage With Charger
Buy: $29.99
*VINTAGE* Panasonic Mobile Car Automobile Phone *UNTESTED-AS IS*
Buy: $49.99
Retro Mobile Brick Phone Model 80'S 90'S Old Classic Design intage Phone  L3C7
Buy: $13.93
Nokia Pacific Bell 5190 NSB-1NX Brick Phone
Buy: $20.00
Vtg. AUDIOVOX Toshiba CMT-420 Portable Car Cell Phone *Tested/Works*
Buy: $41.49
Motorola L6 GSM 900/1800/1900 Cell Phone Bubble Gum Pink   New / Open Box
Buy: $89.99
Panasonic Car Telephone EB 2501 Powers on Works w/install accessories
Buy: $34.99
Cell Phone Lot Vintage HTC Evo One M7 Samsung Highlight Nokia Ericsson Keyocera
Buy: $50.00
NEW OLD STOCK WORKING Motorola StarTAC Clipon Organizer w/ Box Cable Disc Manual
Buy: $84.99
Motorola i897 Ferrari Yellow special Edition Phone Needs Charger Appears Unused
Buy: $49.99
New Vintage Radio Shack Mobile Cell Phone Magnet Mount Antenna #17-322 Sealed
Buy: $34.99
Motorola StarTAC Clipon Organizer W/ Box Cable, Disc, & Manual - Brand New
Buy: $79.97
Vintage Motorola Razr V3m Collectible Phone - Pink
Buy: $23.00
T-mobile Sidekick XL Tony Hawk Edition. Includes Original Packaging
Buy: $400.00
VTG 90s Sony Mini Cell Phone CM-Z100SPR Sprint Untested ( no returns)
Buy: $29.99
Vintage Motorola I205 Nextel Phone with Charger & Manual Gray Tested Works Great
Buy: $24.25
GE TransPak Cellular Mobile Brick Bag Phone CarFone 5000
Buy: $62.32
Vintage Brick Cell Phone Ornament Cellular Phone Model Photo Shooting Props
Buy: $15.00
Retro Mobile Brick Phone Model 80'S 90'S Old Classic Cell Design Brick J3P2
Buy: $15.27
Vintage Phillips Aeon Digital Wireless Mobile Cell Phone Telephone ~ TCD505 IOB
Buy: $45.00
i-mate K-JAM GSM Unlocked "Pocket PC" In Italian Language Collectors item-NEW
Buy: $99.99
Motorola Digital Personal Communicator Cellular One vintage collectible
Buy: $48.98
Vintage Nokia Digital Plus Cell Phone Model 2160 Parts Only READ Fast Ship L@@K
Buy: $19.99
Nokia 808 PureView RARE Prototype Red (Unlocked) Smartphone FOR COLLECTORS
Buy: $489.99
Retro Mobile Brick Phone Model 80'S 90'S Old Classic PhoneNICE Cell Design E5Z3
Buy: $15.03
Qualcomm Globalstar GSP-1600 Satellite Phone Untested Dead Battery
Buy: $59.99
Vintage MOTOROLA Micro TAC Lite II 2 Flip CellPhone GTE Wireless Not Tested
Buy: $29.00
HTC 6800 Pocket PC Phone Slider Full Keypad Sprint Network For Parts UNTESTED
Buy: $12.00
Motorola Nextel  flip cell phone I1000 Plus Black Includes Charger, dead Battery
Buy: $29.99
Vintage Motorola T730C Verizon Flip Phone Untested For Parts AS IS
Buy: $10.99
Rare NOKIA Type NHL-12 Model: 6620
Buy: $120.00
Vintage Sprint PCS Qualcomm QCP-2700 Dual Band Cell Phone WITH BOX! TURNS ON !
Buy: $50.00
HTC PG06100 Evo Shift Slider 4G Vintage Collector Free Shipping US SELLER 🌮
Buy: $14.00
Vintage Nokia 3595 Cell Phone. UNTESTED. FOR PARTS OR REPAIR
Buy: $5.99
Vintage Motorola Flip Phone - Ameritech Cellphone Mobile - Model 76438WARSB
Buy: $34.89
Vintage NEC Talktime MP5A1FS-A1 Cellular Telephone & Case
Buy: $48.98
Vintage Nokia 252C TRACFONE
Buy: $30.00
LONG CZ J8 Unlocked and NEW
Buy: $59.99
Vintage Nokia Digital Plus Cell Phone Model 2160 EFR Untested, Parts Or Repairs
Buy: $12.74
Vintage Ameritech/ Cingular Wireless Bag Plastic Tote 1999/2000 Shopping Bag
Buy: $30.00
T-MOBILE SHARP SIDEKICK ID PV150 WHITE - Need To Be Unlock W/charger
Buy: $99.00
Retail Box For Nokia 8290 - Includes Phone Manual + Car Charger + Paper Inserts
Buy: $11.43
Samsung Montage SPH-M390
Buy: $9.95
Motorola Micro Tac DPC 550 US Cellular Vintage Made In USA!
Buy: $75.00
Lot of 6 Vintage Old Used Cell Phones / Flip Phones -Untested Sold As Is
Buy: $27.95
Broken Lot Of 5 Random Smart Phones Of Various Models iPhone Samsung  7851
Buy: $13.71
MIXED LOTS Samsung MOTOROLA Verizon Flip Phone Vintage Collector
Buy: $38.98
Motorola M800 CDMA Car Cellular Phone Case + Charger
Buy: $59.99
Vintage Motorola Micro TAC Elite With Battery
Buy: $49.99
Buy: $107.99
Design by Naoto Fukazawa " INFOBAR 1st Nishikigoi " Mobile Phone MOMA [ Rare ]
Buy: $150.00