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1-130' TIMES ® LMR400UF Antenna Patch Coax Cable PL-259 UHF Male CB HAM RF LOT
Buy: $271.99
JEFA Tech RG-8X RG8X Coax Cable PL-259 UHF Male Ham Radio Low Loss lot USA
Buy: $71.95
RG400 Silver PL259 UHF Male to PL259 UHF Male Coax RF Cable USA Lot
Buy: $259.14
Baofeng UV9R Plus VHF/UHF Walkie Talkie Dual-Band ​Handheld Two-way Radio 18W US
Buy: $105.20
Cobra PR562BLT Pro Series 32-Mile Bluetooth Two-Way Walkie-Talkie Radio - Pair
Buy: $19.99
Buy: $35.99
USB Programming Cable & Software CD For Baofeng UV-5R BF-888S Two-way Radios USA
Buy: $7.90
Baofeng UV-5R Upgraded Legal Version Dual Band Walkie Talkies Two Way Radio
Buy: $19.99
Motorola HKN6169B Remote Head Cable APX XTL
Buy: $40.00
FTDI USB Programming Cable+Support Motorola XTS5000 I II III XTS5000R RKN4105
Buy: $39.95
Piezoelectric Earphone High Impedance Ceramic Earpiece Bare Wire Crystal Radios
Buy: $4.54
Baofeng UV-5R 8W Tri-Power Dual Band 1/4/8W Ham Radio Walkie Talkie Scanner US
Buy: $23.99
Retevis RT22 UHF Walkie Talkies Two Way Radio 2W CTCSS/DCS VOX For Family 2Pack
Buy: $20.29
JEFA Tech RG-213/U MILSPEC PL-259 Coax Cable Ham Radio CB RG213 RG-213 lot
Buy: $95.94
US STOCK!!! New Version TRI AN/PRC 152 Multiband 15W 12.6V Handheld MBITR Radio
Buy: $320.45
Start a Helium Hotspot Mining Farm 5 Antenna Starter kit Fits any Hotspot
Buy: $99.99
Radioddity CB Radio Mini External Speaker, 71" Power Cable for Midland,Icom
Buy: $15.29
6 Piece SMA Adapter Kit Male and Female SMA RF Coaxial Connector Adapters
Buy: $8.29
Baofeng UV-5R / BF-F9 /GT-5R - Exoskeleton Cage - Textured Finish - Mult. Colors
Buy: $12.74
PL259 Solder Connector Plug with Reducer for RG8X Coaxial Coax Cable 10-pack
Buy: $12.99
Fit for  APX8000 APX7000 APX6000 APX4000 7/800Mhz P25 Stubby GPS Antenna
Buy: $7.99
For Baofeng UV-82L UV-5R Radio Walkie Talkie Hand Speaker Microphone PTT
Buy: $7.21
Baofeng BL-5L 3800mAh Li-ion Battery for UV5R Plus 5RX3 F8+ TP Two-way Radio USA
Buy: $16.19
Original BaoFeng UV-5R Two-way Radio Battery1800 mAh UV-5R+ UV-5RA UV-5RE BF-F8
Buy: $9.98
2 meter & 70cm J pole Dual Band Collapsible Copper J-Pole Antenna FREE SHIPPING
Buy: $40.00
10Pcs BNC Female Chassis Panel Mount Solder Nut Bulkhead Jack RF Connector M555
Buy: $7.99
2PCS SO-239 UHF Female to Female Coupler Connector RF Barrel Adapter For PL-259
Buy: $8.99
Mini External Communications Speaker for CB, Ham & GMRS Radios & Scanners
Buy: $14.89
Motorola HKN6169B Remote Mount Cable 17' XTL APX XTL2500 XTL5000 APX6500 CAN-bus
Buy: $28.96
SURECOM SW-102 Digital UHF/VHF Power & SWR Meter 125-525MHz With 4 Adaptors
Buy: $57.99
6 Motorola CLS1110 UHF Business 2-Way Radios Walkie Talkie
Buy: $249.99
Retevis H777Plus Walkie Talkies FRS Long Range CTCSS/DCS 2W Two Way Radios 10pcs
Buy: $98.99
1Pcs UHF SO239 PL259 TO BNC N SMA UHF male female Plug Jack RF Connector Adapter
Buy: $3.13
New - 3 way aluminum mirror mount bracket w SO-239 stud for CB radio antennas
Buy: $10.79
XTS Series Motorola Programming Cables, Support and Software
Buy: $27.95
Window/Door Pass Through Flat RF Coaxial Cable SO239 UHF Female 12-Inch 50 Ohms
Buy: $10.79
Boat Radio Antenna Waterproof Marine Rubber Aerial For ATV UTV Car Yachet
Buy: $10.00
Gear Keeper Black RT4-4112 28" Retractable CB Radio Microphone Hanger
Buy: $17.50
Cobra 29 LTD CB Radio Dual Mode AM/FM 2023 Model Certified Refurbished
Buy: $91.99
Motorola XTS2500  UHF 450-520 mhz Digital Two Way Radio H46SDF9PW6BN P25 ON SALE
Buy: $279.00
PL259 Male Plug to UHF Male PL-259 RF Coaxial Adapter Connector
Buy: $8.29
Astatic 636L Noise Canceling 4-Pin CB Microphone Stars N' Stripes 302-10309
Buy: $32.99
4pcs 868MHz 915MHz 5dBi LoRa Antenna SMA IPEX for Meshtastic LoRa 32 V3 LoRaWAN
Buy: $14.98
PL-259 UHF Male to PL-259 UHF Male RG8X Low Loss Coax Cable Pick Lot Length USA
Buy: $10.99
UAYESOK VHF Marine Base Antenna 48 Inch Fiberglass Waterproof Boat Antenna W/7M
Buy: $38.00
2X Car Charger Battery Eliminator for BaoFeng BL-5 12V BF-F8HP UV-5X3 UV-5R
Buy: $9.98
42.5'' SMA-Female Tactical Antenna VHF/UHF For Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 Two Way Radio
Buy: $13.91
Nagoya UT-72G Magnetic Dual-Band GMRS Antenna
Buy: $32.95
Frequency Counter (BLUE) Texas Ranger SRA-FC393 Deluxe Digital
Buy: $89.49
Duplex repeater Interface cable radio CDM750 M1225 CM300 GM300 CDM1550
Buy: $8.90
New Battery PMNN4409AR For Motorola XPR3300e XPR3500e XPR7550e XPR7580e XPR7350e
Buy: $20.79
CB Antenna Mirror Mount w/Maxi Stud & SO-239 Connector by TruckSpec®
Buy: $12.99
NMO to UHF Female SO239 Adapter Converter Mobile Antenna Mount Tram 1296
Buy: $14.35
Baofeng UV-5R VHF UHF Dual-Band Ham 5W Portable Two-way Radio Walkie Talkie
Buy: $19.99
Mic Speaker PMMN4024A for Motorola XPR6550 PMMN4025 XPR7550 XPR7550e
Buy: $39.77
Ailunce HD1 GPS IP67 Ham Walkie Talkies 3200mAh VHF/UHF Ham Radios Outddor
Buy: $119.99
 "EASY DIGI™"  Interface Card, FT-8 PSK RTTY SSTV NBEMS JT-65 FT-8 FT-4 others
Buy: $9.80
Times Microwave LMR-400DB Direct Bury Without Connectors Ham/CB Coax Lot
Buy: $38.00
2 Position Coax Switch
Buy: $34.95
5pcs 6" U.FL / IPX to SMA Female Antenna WiFi Pigtail Cable ufl ipex Mini PCI
Buy: $7.69
50 ft RG8X coax coaxial UHF PL-259 connectors amateur ham CB radio antenna cable
Buy: $37.90
Midland MXT275 MicroMobile GMRS 2-Way Radio - New
Buy: $129.59
FTDI USB Programming Cable+Support Motorola XTS2500 I II III XTS2500R RKN4105
Buy: $39.95
NEW Workman CB-3AP 3-Pin Radio Power Cord Cable with 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug
Buy: $11.99
K40 The Microphone Assistant (K40MA) Retractable CB Mic Holder - POLYBAGGED
Buy: $7.50
Poly Voyager Office Base CB7222-M NEW
Buy: $39.99
Kastar 2Pcs 2 Way Radio Battery 1000mAh 4.8V For Uniden BP-38 BP38 BP-40 GMR FRS
Buy: $7.99
Outdoor Omnidirectional FM Antenna, 87.5 to 108 MHz, 75 Ohm, 4 dB
Buy: $19.99
Battery For Motorola XPR3500e XPR3300e XPR7550e XPR7580e XPR7350e PMNN4409AR
Buy: $17.69
Buy: $9.24
Andrew/CommScope L4TNM-PSA N Male Positive Stop Connector, Brand New in Box
Buy: $12.00
GC 8454 Universal Alignment Trimmer Tool Set CB PC TV / Ham Radio
Buy: $12.75
Buy: $37.95
Nagoya NA-771 Radio Handheld Antenna   144/430 MHZ
Buy: $7.99
2 Pack Set Long Range Walkie Talkie 50 Mile Two Way Radio Charge Waterproof Best
Buy: $21.99
HKN4191B Power Cable 10ft For Motorola GM XPR XTL CDM CM MaxTrac XTL2500 XTL5000
Buy: $10.59
Astatic 18 foot RG8X mini8 Coax CB Radio Antenna Coaxial Cable Soldered PLs 18ft
Buy: $21.99
MH-31A8J Short Wave Microphone For Yaesu FT-450D FT-818 FT-857D FT-891 FT-991A
Buy: $19.98
2X BNC Male Plug To UHF SO239 PL-259 Female RF Coaxial Adapter Cable Connector
Buy: $8.45
OEM NAR6595 MOTOROLA  APX6000 APX4000 APX1000 7/800Mhz P25 Stubby GPS ANTENNA
Buy: $11.99
UV5R UV5RA A067 UV-82 144/430Mhz VHF UHF Radio Walkie Talkie Antenna For BAOFENG
Buy: $11.49
Motorola RKN4108A Cloning Cable for XTS2500 XTS5000 XTS2250 XTS4250 PR1500 *New
Buy: $16.00
Desktop Charger Compatible With XPR3300 XPR3500 XPR3300e XPR3500e radio WPLN4232
Buy: $17.90
Cobra 23-Mile 2-Way Radios Walkie Talkies, 2-Pack (CXT385)
Buy: $17.99
UHF SO-239 Female to Female Coupler RF Adapter Barrel Connector for PL-259 Plugs
Buy: $3.99
RG8X Mini-RG8 50-Ohm Bare-Copper Made-in-The-USA Bulk Coax Cable, Black
Buy: $23.99
MOTOROLA NNTN7038B 2900mAh Li-ion Impres Battery for APX6000 APX7000 Radios
Buy: $21.99
Buy: $6.76
SMA RP-SMA Male Female To SMA RPSMA Male Female RF Coax Connector Adapter
Buy: $2.65
Buy: $37.95
FTDI USB Programming Cable Kenwood TK-690 TK-790 TK-890 KPG-43
Buy: $41.95
Motorola RMN5038A RSM Remote Speaker Microphone With Emergency Button XTS OEM
Buy: $23.49
EF Johnson 51FIRE 242-5137-461-BJ3 UHF 403-470 MHz P25 Radio No Antenna, Battery
Buy: $39.24
DEOXID  Contact Cleaner/Deoxit-izer Spray, 4oz Aerosol, DE-OX-ID ships fast!!
Buy: $14.99
Cobra CXT385|Refurbished Walkie Talkie w/22 Channels Combination & 23 Mile Range
Buy: $18.00
Long Range Walkie Talkie 2 Set 50 Mile Two Way Radio Charge Headset Waterproof
Buy: $38.89
Motorola NMN6191C Noise Cancelling Speaker Mic For XTS3000 XTS5000 Tested
Buy: $12.00
10.7 iF crystals for Regency, Radio Shack, Robyn, all non-Bearcat scanners (ea)
Buy: $9.00
ALPHA - 125ft RG8u Coax Cable with AMPHENOL PL259s attached
Buy: $99.95
unopened Apple~ AirPods Pro Wireless Charging White MWP22AM/A
Buy: $75.59