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43pcs Pottery Clay Sculpting Tools Kit Ceramic Shaping Carving Modeling Wooden
Buy: $21.69
Ceramics And Pottery  Rubber Bands Black 9" Flat 5/8's" Wide .063" Wall 5-Pack
Buy: $8.99
Xiem Studio Tools Ultimate Decorating Ribs Firm
Buy: $19.95
Richeson 12-Piece Pro Pottery Tool Kit
Buy: $37.95
Kemper Wood Modeling Tool Set
Buy: $19.79
Insulating FireBrick HFK-25 9x4.5 - 4.04 ARCH Individual Key Bricks 2500F
Buy: $13.99
Large Christmas Tree Light Kit for Ceramics Crafts 40W Tubular Bulb 6' Cord
Buy: $12.95
Professional Potters Wheel For Ceramic Work Heavy Duty Machine Wheel 250W 110V
Buy: $131.10
Clay Extruder for Pottery and Ceramics - Free Shipping!!!
Buy: $234.54
Atlantic Nativity Set 21 pieces 5" to 7"  Ready to Paint Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $109.99
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 China Paint 45ml Bottle, Glossy, Choose Decorative Colors
Buy: $9.20
24 Pcs Sculpting Tools with Pouch for Polymer Clay Pottery Ceramic Art Craft US
Buy: $14.56
Gnome Pulling Tree  7" L Ceramic Bisque, Ready to Paint
Buy: $20.99
Kemper Pottery Tool Kit
Buy: $24.49
Duncan Design-Coat "DN" Versatile Underglaze Variety Different Colors 2 oz.
Buy: $7.00
52pcs Pottery Clay Carving Tools Kit Polymer Ceramic Sculpting Tool Set
Buy: $21.99
Mini Pottery Wheel Adjustable Speed Electric Pottery Ceramic Machine Clay Tool
Buy: $18.95
10Pcs Stainless Steel Clay Sculpting Set Wax Ceramic Carving Pottery Tool Kit
Buy: $13.99
Pottery Ceramics Crafts Rubber Bands Black 5" Flat 1/2" Wide .063" Wall 5-Pack
Buy: $7.49
Buy: $29.99
Mini Electric Pottery Wheel Machine Turntable Tray Clay Art Forming Machine
Buy: $19.98
Smooth Flower Bowl 5x5 IN STOCK Ceramic Bisque Ready To Paint Pottery
Buy: $12.80
AUTUMN Sunflower Stepping Stone Mold, Concrete Cement Mold
Buy: $26.99
Village Art Tavern Store Ceramic Bisque U Paint Christmas House Unpainted
Buy: $24.88
*FRAME* 3D Decorative Wall Stone Panels. ABS Form Plastic mold for Plaster
Buy: $37.39
Lot of 3 White Sculpey Air-Dry Clay, Premium Air Dry Clay, 6.6 Lb Total
Buy: $26.99
K26 Insulating Firebricks 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 Morgan Thermal Ceramics 2600F Box of 3
Buy: $47.13
Concrete Molds Plaster Wall Stone Cement Tiles Mould ABS Plastic set 5 pcs W01
Buy: $40.00
Plastic Frog mold plaster concrete garden mould Plastic Toad Mould
Buy: $44.95
3D woman torso Venus big large Mold plsctic ABC making sculpture D47
Buy: $59.99
Mold Plaque Pharaoh Antique Egyptian Wall Room Decor ABC plastic D38
Buy: $31.00
10x Clay Sculpting Set Wax Carving Pottery Tools Shapers Polymer Modeling Making
Buy: $12.99
Dual Sided 10pc Wax Clay Carving Pick Spatula Tool Set with Case Arts and Crafts
Buy: $13.99
Hamlet the Gnome 5" Ceramic Bisque, Ready to Paint
Buy: $14.94
2 pcs Plastic MOLDS of Lizard for Concrete Garden Stepping Stone Path
Buy: $38.99
Panno panel bas-relief nice horse's head Concrete Plaque Molds DECOR WALL D30
Buy: $28.00
Corner Shelf Angel 6" long 5" tall Ready to Paint Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $14.99
Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Ready to Paint Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $19.00
26pcs Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools Kit Pottery Modeling Dotting Ceramic Carving
Buy: $14.60
Oogie Boogie Wax Carving Stainless Steel Tool
Buy: $9.99
Tiki face plastic mold mould garden casting tropical mold  8" x 3.75"W x 1/2"
Buy: $15.95
Concrete molds 47.2in round edge stonelog edging border garden curbs 2 pcs BR04
Buy: $44.00
California Creations No. 3 Fire House (10316) Ready To Paint Ceramic
Buy: $68.00
Laguna Moonscape Cone 06 Glaze 1 Pint Variety of Colors
Buy: $20.00
22pcs Clay Sculpting Set Carving Pottery Tools Wax Shapers Polymer Modeling
Buy: $16.99
Buy: $58.00
4 Pcs Pottery Sculpture Tools Clay Sculpting Carving Modeling Ceramic DIY Kit
Buy: $7.99
Mold Lion 2D DIY Plaque King of The Beasts Concrete Mould Form Lion D61
Buy: $28.90
2pcs Silicone 5ml Container Jars + 1pc Stainless Wax Carving Tool  + Travel Tin
Buy: $8.99
Creative Crafts Ready To Paint Indian Ritual Mask Native Statue Figure
Buy: $49.99
Seafood Oyster Lobster 15 pc on 5" X 3.5" Card Black Fused Glass Decals 21CC1362
Buy: $7.75
Vintage Amaco no. 5 Pottery Banding Wheel Potters Turnplate Clay / Aluminum
$5.00 (0 bids)
Village Trees 2" to 6"Set of 4 Ceramic Bisque, Ready to Paint
Buy: $24.14
Proud Body Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast Mold Memory Kit New in Box FREE SHIP
Buy: $24.99
Pick 1 Halloween Gnome Characters Painted or Unpainted Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $19.00
K23 Insulating Firebrick 9 x 4.5 x 1.25 Morgan Thermal Ceramics 2300F Box of 10
Buy: $55.23
California Creations Holiday Store (10263) Ready 2 Paint Ceramic Creative Crafts
Buy: $89.00
11 Vtg Ceramic Bisque Ready To Paint Christmas Ornaments Mouse - Double Sided
Buy: $19.99
Molds For 3D Gypsum Panels Mold Plaster Wall Stone Art Decor ABS Plastic Form
Buy: $26.39
Vintage Holland Square Saucer 6 1/4”  Slip Cast Casting Ceramic Mold H74A
Buy: $27.00
California Creations "90128 Main Street USA" Village Tree Stand RARE
Buy: $80.00
Buy: $46.00
Celestial Santa Claus Stars Unpainted Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $32.00
Gnome with Butterfly 5" Ceramic Bisque, Ready to Paint
Buy: $14.94
Bear Ornaments Ready to Paint Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $17.99
25CM Wheel Ceramic Machine Electric Pottery Work Clay Art Craft DIY
Buy: $111.99
Wax Carving Tools Set of Carvers 10pc Jewelry Wax Carvers Metal Clay Sculpting
Buy: $14.85
California Creations Police Lawyer Building SE184 Christmas Village Unpainted
Buy: $33.00
8pc Pottery Clay Molding Sculpting Tools Set
Buy: $8.88
California Creations Gingerbread Birdhouse Ready to Paint
Buy: $28.95
Set 2 Piece Moulds Balustrades #1. Mold for Concrete Plaster Cement
Buy: $75.99
Duncan E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglaze Variety Different Colors 1 oz.
Buy: $7.00
AUTUMN Turtle Concrete Cement DIY Walkway Stepping Stone Mold, Statue for Garden
Buy: $23.99
STRONTIUM NITRATE, Sr(NO3)2, 99.5%,  500 1000 1500 2000 GMS
Buy: $18.00
Duncan RARE Sandstar Glazes Variety of Colors 4 oz. Bottle
Buy: $13.00
Accent molds plaster rapid set cement plastic molds  oval 5" x 1/3" Sq 4" x 1/2"
Buy: $23.00
Ceramic Tiles for Crafts Coasters,12 Ceramic White Tiles Unglazed 4-Inch Cork...
Buy: $19.99
Buy: $200.00
2pcs Silicone 3ml Container Jars + 1pc Stainless Wax Carving Tool  + Travel Tin
Buy: $8.99
Makin's Clay Cutters 3/Pkg ~ Bell
Buy: $4.85
K26 Insulating Firebrick TWO 9x4.5x1 and TWO 4.5x4.5x1 Thermal Ceramics Box of 4
Buy: $25.29
6 Pcs Pottery Clay Tools Kit Set Sculpting Carving Modeling Ceramics Art & Craft
Buy: $13.99
Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit | DIY Plaster Statue Molding Kit
Buy: $34.99
Truck 9.5"x 4.5" with Tree Ceramic Bisque, Ready to Paint
Buy: $35.64
 Inswool Pumpable 10 oz. caulk,  ( 1 )Ceramic Refractory in tube, repair / seal
Buy: $29.50
Duncan Envision Glazes Variety of Colors 4oz.
Buy: $12.00
California Creations Santa's Reindeer Candle Holder Ready to Paint - Set of 3
Buy: $38.95
Concrete mold Bench leg for concrete cement ABC plasticmold sold 1 piece B05
Buy: $64.90
24Pcs/Set Sculpting Tools with Pouch for Polymer Clay Pottery Ceramic Art Craft
Buy: $17.98
Dog paw print stepping stone mold 12" x 12" x 2" plaster concrete plastic mould
Buy: $24.00
Makin's Clay Cutters 3/Pkg-Hand
Buy: $6.83
Buy: $30.00
Set Molds Stone VENEER for Concrete Plaster Wall Stone Brick Tiles Cement
Buy: $47.99
Plastic turtle mold plaster concrete casting garden mould 6" x 4.5" x 3/4" thick
Buy: $14.95
Mice Ornaments Set 9 Ready to Paint Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $17.99
 Stepping Stone Concrete Molds Old Wooden Boards Set 2 Mould Garden Path Patio
Buy: $35.49
Southwest Nativity Ready to Paint Ceramic Bisque
Buy: $75.99
CESIUM CARBONATE / CEASIUM CARBONATE, Cs2CO3, 99.9% ,3N,  50, 100, 250, 500 GRAM
Buy: $200.00
Bee  fleur small stepping stone plaque mold  7" x 1/2" thick
Buy: $15.95
Set Horse tile plastic molds plaster cement casting mould 4" x 4" x 1/3" thick
Buy: $21.95