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UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller - JORDAN (charcoal/silver/black leather)
Buy: $878.36
Uppababy Vista 2015+ Add-On Rumble Seat Jake Charcoal New in Open Box
Buy: $130.49
UPPAbaby ALTA Booster Seat, Morgan (Charcoal Melange) NEW - OTHER
Buy: $159.99
UPPAbaby Rumble Seat Add-on Seat Vista 2015+ JAKE (Black) FREE SHIPPING
Buy: $121.95
Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat Base, 0262 - Exp. 2025
Buy: $45.00
UPPAbaby 2020 G-Luxe Stroller , Jake (Black) BRAND NEW open box
Buy: $159.99
Uppababy cruz v2 stroller 2019
Buy: $450.00
UPPAbaby Cozyganoosh Stroller Footmuff Declan Oat Melange New
Buy: $129.00
UPPAbaby 2020 G-Luxe Stroller , Jordan (Charcoal)  NEW - OPEN BOX
Buy: $159.00
UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller- Jake Black/Carbon/Charcoal Open Box
Buy: $599.99
UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller - Bryce (White Marl/Silver/Chestnut Leather)
Buy: $477.69
UPPAbaby Cup Holder for Vista 2015+, Vista V2, Cruz/Cruz V2 and Minu
Buy: $29.99
New! UPPAbaby Bassinet Carrycot Stand - Espresso - UPPA Baby
Buy: $125.00
UPPAbaby VISTA Handlebar Cover
Buy: $27.15
UPPAbaby Cabana Drew Tangerine Car Seat All Weather Cover
Buy: $24.95
New UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand Grey
Buy: $119.00
UPPAbaby Snack Tray for Minu, Open Box
Buy: $44.99
Uppababy Cruz Stroller - Great Condition
$166.00 (0 bids)
UPPAbaby 0262 Low Profile Base Only w Mini Latch Connectors Fits Mesa Black
Buy: $98.18
UPPAbaby Piggyback for CRUZ V2 Strollers - BRAND NEW! (Open box) (not for Vista)
Buy: $84.99
NEW UPPAbaby Taylor (Indigo) Rumble Seat Add-on Seat Vista 2015+
Buy: $139.99
UPPAbaby VISTA Baby Stroller, Jake - Black
Buy: $325.00
UPPAbaby 0262 MESA Infant Vehicle Seat Base w Handle Tightness Indicators
Buy: $89.95
Chicco Keyfit Car Seat Adapter for UPPAbaby Vista, 2009-2014 models - RARE
Buy: $125.00
UPPAbaby TODDLER SEAT BUG SHIELD for Vista or cruz
Buy: $15.00
UPPAbaby VISTA RumbleSeat - Henry - Blue Marl/Silver
Buy: $149.99
UPPAbaby RumbleSeat Vista V2 Stella Gray Bushed Melange
Buy: $174.99
UPPAbaby Vista Stroller (2014 or older) MESA Car Seat Adapters (adaptor)
Buy: $55.00
UPPAbaby VISTA Leather Handlebar Cover - Saddle
Buy: $55.00
UPPAbaby Travel Bag for Vista, V2, Cruz, & Cruz V2
Buy: $386.02
UPPAbaby Cabana Infant Car Seat Cover Shield UBUV Protection Gray Orange
Buy: $24.98
UPPAbaby Mesa Base For Use With Uppabay Infant Car Seat Only 0262 Black Exp 2027
Buy: $99.99
UPPAbaby 0156 - Universal Chicco Infant Car Seat Adapter - OPEN BOX
Buy: $45.00
EUC UPPAbaby VISTA stroller Black & Carlin green Bassinet used only a few times
Buy: $79.00
UPPAbaby CRUZ Baby Stroller,  Black includes rain cover and insect netting
Buy: $199.00
Uppababy Vista V2 Rumble Seat Jake Charcoal - NOB *read*
Buy: $179.99
UPPAbaby Infant Car Seat Adapter for Maxi-Cosi (for VISTA 2015-later/all CRUZ)
Buy: $39.99
uppababy bumper bar fabric cover
Buy: $15.00
2018 Uppababy Convertible Stroller From Birth Kit Jake Black Melange KIT ONLY
Buy: $119.00
UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat - Perfect Fit for VISTA and CRUZ Toddler Seats!!!
Buy: $29.95
UPPAbaby bassinet for MINU Stroller Charcoal Gray (with rain cover)
Buy: $80.00
New UppaBaby Baby Bassinet Stand CarryCot Stand Grey 0208G Compact Fold
Buy: $149.98
2014 UPPAbaby Vista  Stroller-Denny
Buy: $600.00
UPPAbaby Bassinet Rain Shield
Buy: $25.16
UPPAbaby CRUZ Leather Handlebar Cover - Saddle
Buy: $50.00
UPPAbaby VISTA Upper Adapters for VISTA 2015-later
Buy: $35.10
UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover for 2018+ Models, White - NEW
Buy: $10.99
Uppababy G Luxe Orange Gray Stroller
Buy: $125.00
Uppababy Vista v2 Rumble Seat Jake Charcoal New Open Box Baby Stroller Seat
Buy: $199.99
Buy: $18.00
UPPAbaby Infant Car Seat Rain Shield - Mesa - NEW in Box
Buy: $17.44
Uppababy Vista Baby Stroller Bassinet Attachment 2015 Red Model 0101 Please Read
Buy: $59.70
UppaBaby Vista Piggyback Ride Along Board Sit or Stand Stroller Attachment
Buy: $109.99
UPPAbaby MESA Base 0262 Infant Car Seat Base Exp 10 /27
Buy: $125.00
UPPAbaby G-Series Rain Shield G-Luxe G-Lite
Buy: $17.89
UPPAbaby Infant Stroller Snug Seat Inset for Toddler Seat - White
Buy: $49.99
UPPAbaby VISTA Lower Adapters 2015 + MESA Stroller Accessory NEW NIB
Buy: $21.80
UPPAbaby Vista 2015+ RumbleSeat Add-on Seat - Jake (Black/Carbon/Black Leather)
Buy: $179.99
UPPAbaby Lead Free Foldable Mesa Black Cabana Infant Car Seat Shade Shield
Buy: $25.99
UPPAbaby Car Seat Adapter for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, BeSafe
$20.00 (0 bids)
UPPAbaby Performance Rain Shield and Bug Shield Cruz & Cruz V2 Replacement
Buy: $24.99
UPPAbaby VISTA Upper Adapters (for VISTA 2015-later)
Buy: $31.32
UPPAbaby VISTA Baby Stroller, Jake - Black
$450.00 (0 bids)
UPPAbaby Vista Stroller (2014 or older) MESA Car Seat Adapters (adaptor)
Buy: $55.00
New Kids Toddler UPPAbaby G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller Cup Holder G-Link Clip Drink
Buy: $14.99
Uppababy Cabana Carseat Cover Baby Infant Shade Black Foldable
Buy: $19.99
UPPAbaby VISTA Leather Handle Bar Cover - Black
Buy: $60.87
UPPAbaby VISTA Lower Adapter
Buy: $31.32
UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat Base - NEW/Open Box - Manufactured 07/2020 *Read
Buy: $84.95
Uppababy Cruz Stroller
Buy: $400.00
UPPAbaby VISTA Leather Handlebar Cover - Saddle
Buy: $60.87
Uppababy Vista 2017 Bassinet with UV Hood White 0317-VIS-US Missing Boot Cover
Buy: $85.28
Buy: $57.99
Uppababy Vista Black Bassinet Only / From  2013 Model / LOCAL PICKUP
Buy: $49.00
Uppababy MESA Bryce White Marl Infant Child Car Seat 4-35lbs White Grey #NO6458
Buy: $220.99
UPPAbaby VISTA Leather Handlebar Cover - Saddle
Buy: $48.56
Uppababy Vista/Cruz Bassinet Georgie Carbon Frame
Buy: $80.74
UPPAbaby CRUZ Leather Handlebar Cover - Saddle
Buy: $42.99
UPPAbaby VISTA 2015+ Stroller Lower Car Seat Adaptor for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna & Cybex
Buy: $31.49
Buy: $24.99
UPPAbaby Piggyback for Cruz V2 Strollers - NEW! (Open box)
Buy: $74.99
UPPAbaby Car Seat Adapters Maxi-COSI Nuna Cybex Besafe
Buy: $34.16
UPPAbaby VISTA PiggyBack Ride-Along Board Uppababy Vista 2014 Piggyback Board
Buy: $98.65
NEW IN BOX UPPAbaby G-Series Travel Stroller Bag FREE SHIPPING Black and Yellow
Buy: $49.00
Uppababy Vista Bassinet, Black, Used
Buy: $30.00
New UPPAbaby Rumble Seat Add-on-Seat Taylor Indigo Vista 2015+
$125.00 (0 bids)
UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller - Reggie (Slate Blue/Carbon)
Buy: $521.96
New UPPAbaby HENRY (Blue Merl) Rumble Seat Add-on-Seat Vista 2015+
$125.00 (0 bids)
Snack Tray for VISTA, VISTA V2, CRUZ, CRUZ V2, RumbleSeat, and RumbleSeat V2
Buy: $55.64
UPPAbaby 0262 MESA Car Seat Base 25.8”L x 17”W x 23”H - BRAND NEW
Buy: $84.50
UPPAbaby V2 Bassinet (Finn) Blue
Buy: $179.99
2015 Uppababy Vista Carbon Detachable Seat Replacement Frame
Buy: $149.99
2017 UPPAbaby Cruz Jake Standard Single Seat Stroller
Buy: $325.00
Uppababy Bassinet 2018 Grey Color Unisex with Travel Bag - Free Shipping!
Buy: $99.99
UPPAbaby 2018 G-LUXE Single Seat Baby Stroller in Jake Black
Buy: $159.00
UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat Stroller Insert in Grey
Buy: $39.99
2019 Uppababy Vista Stroller, Rumble Seat, Bassinet, & Piggyboard
Buy: $950.00
UPPAbaby 2020 Cruz V2 GREGORY
Buy: $584.99
UPPAbaby 1319-ALT-US-JKE ALTA Child Booster Seat w Cup Holder Jake Black Melange
Buy: $102.05
UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat Base
Buy: $94.99