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Peyo Smurfs 20103 Pupil Smurf Student Orange Backpack Vtg School Toy PVC Figure
Buy: $13.95
Smurfs "The Lost Village" 24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle  (Ages 3+) New Sealed
Buy: $13.95
Vintage 1970s Peyo 6 Smurf Smurfs Toy Lot Hong Kong, Pre-Owned
Buy: $17.95
The Smurfs Hackus Smurf Plush 14" Gray Movie Stuffed Toy 2013 Kellytoy
Buy: $14.24
Baby Smurfette Build-A-Bear Plush Smurf In Diaper BAB
Buy: $19.99
Vintage Smurfs Smurfette McDonalds Happy Meal Figure Collectible Retro Toy USA
Buy: $7.99
1978 Smurf Figures Lot of 10 Peyo
Buy: $20.00
Build A Bear 18” Smurf Vexy Plush Movie Merch Black Blue The Smurfs 2 Smurfette
Buy: $19.97
The Smurfs 2013 McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Lot of 4 Smurfs
Buy: $13.99
Peyo Smurfs Vintage Papa Smurf 11" Plush Stuffed Toy Red Hat Pants 1979 70s Toys
Buy: $23.35
Papa Smurf Wind-Up Ramp Walker Red Blue Galoob Peyo 1982 Vintage
Buy: $12.99
Praying Smurfette Vintage Pink Pajama Christmas Ornament PVC Smurfs 1982 Peyo
Buy: $50.00
Vintage Smurf Toys New In Packages Set Of 6
Buy: $29.99
Smurfette Plush Stuffed Toy 2013 Smurfs Movie JAKKS Pacific 23" in Plush
Buy: $44.20
Buy: $5.75
Burger King Kid's Meal Toy: Smurfs The Lost Village, Clumsy Smurf 2016
Buy: $6.99
Set of Vintage 1983 “Etch A Sketch SMURFS Fun Screens” (#518C183)
Buy: $13.23
Vintage Papa Smurf Plush Stuffed Toy Peyo Wallace Berrie & Co. Blue Red 1981
Buy: $13.00
The Smurfs The Lost Village Hefty Smurf Burger King Toy 2017 NEW
Buy: $12.00
2013 Peyo Smurfs 2 Movie Party Planner Smurf McDonald's Happy Meal Toy #4
Buy: $5.99
The Smurfs Clumsy Smurf Plush - Stuffed Animal
Buy: $11.95
 The "Painter"  Smurf Figure McDonald's Happy Meal Toy PVC Peyo 2011..NIP
Buy: $8.35
Vintage 1970’s 1980’s Smurf Lot of 11 PVC Figures Schleich Peyo
Buy: $49.99
The Smurfs 2 *HANDY* McDonalds Happy Meal Toy 2013
Buy: $5.49
7 NEW Mcdonalds 2011 Happy Meal TOYS blue SMURFS 2 figures cake toppers deco LOT
Buy: $24.99
2013 McDonald's Happy Meal THE SMURFS 2 - Baker Smurf Toy #4 NEW & SEALED
Buy: $5.99
U Pick McDonald’s 2013 Smurfs Happy Meal Toys Free Shipping
Buy: $6.99
Vintage 1970’s 1980’s Christmas Ornament Smurf Lot of 6 Figures Schleich Peyo
Buy: $99.99
The Smurfs Gutsy Smurf Plush Wearing Scottish Kilt 9" Stuffed Toy 2013 Kellytoy
Buy: $12.74
The Smurfs 2 Naughty Hackus Plush Gray Stuffed Kelly Toy 15"
Buy: $14.99
Buy: $35.00
McDonald's Happy Meal toy 2013 The Smurfs #4 Party Planner LOOSE figure
Buy: $5.00
McDonald's 2011 Hefty Smurf #12
Buy: $4.25
Smurfette Plush The Smurfs Plush Smurfette Plush Blonde Girl Smurf Toy
Buy: $18.88
Burger King 2016/2017 Peyo Smurfs The Lost Village Figures-Choose Your Favorite!
Buy: $7.00
Vintage McDonald’s Smurf’s Characters 8 Different Ones
Buy: $13.98
Build a Bear Smurfette Original Plush Stuffed 18” Smurf Girl EUC
Buy: $16.97
Papa Smurf Vintage 1979 Peyo Wallace Berrie Stuffed Plush Very Good Condition
Buy: $17.99
Kids Water Growing Sea Toy Colorful Puzzle Magic Toys Gift Swell Animals 100Pcs
Buy: $7.60
Vintage Wind Up Plastic Toy Toys Ramp Walkers Lot smurfs boxers snoopy & more
Buy: $22.88
Vintage Smurf 1860 München Bundesliga Soccer West Germany.  Rare!
Buy: $29.99
Smurfs McDonald's Astronaut Smurf Figure French Happy Meal. 2018
Buy: $30.49
Vintage 1980 Peyo Smurfs Clip On Hugger Grabber Papa Smurf Toys Wallace Berrie
Buy: $20.00
Smurfs Papa Smurf Smurfette Grouchy The Lost Village Jakks Plush Toy Figure Lot
Buy: $31.99
2016 Burger King Kids Club Meal Toy SMURFS THE LOST VILLAGE BRAINY/Butterfly NIP
Buy: $9.00
2013 Peyo Lot of 2 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Smurfs Vexy & Crazy
Buy: $13.00
Buy: $19.99
(14) 2011 Peyo for McDonalds Smurf Figures all different
Buy: $25.00
(15) 2011-'13 Peyo for McDonalds Smurfs all different "Smooth~Vanity & more"
Buy: $28.00
Vintage Plush Papa Smurf Toy Peyo 1979 Toy Stuffed
Buy: $19.95
The Smurfs Smurfette Plush 8" Doll Peyo 2011 Blue with Yellow Hair White Clothes
Buy: $10.00
Nanco Smurfs Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf 9" Plush & Paperback Book
Buy: $27.95
Vintage 1979 SMURF Orange MUSHROOM UMBRELLA Smurf Figure PVC Peyo
Buy: $9.99
2013 McDonalds Happy Meal Toy - THE SMURFS 2 - #4 Party Planner
Buy: $5.99
McDonald's The Smurfs Mixed Lot of 19 PVC Figurines Dolls
Buy: $25.75
Lot of 21 Smurfs McDonalds PVC figures Papa Smurfette Grouchy Brainy Vanity Pani
Buy: $28.99
McDonald's The Smurfs Toys
Buy: $14.99
Smurfs Finger Puppets Macy’s Exclusive 2010 Lot of 2
Buy: $10.99
Smurfs Figures 2018 Macdonals Peyo Happy meal Toys. lot of 3
Buy: $30.49
McDonald's 2017 Smurfs The Lost VillageSet of 6 houses & 11 figures lot.
Buy: $11.11
Smurfs 20064 Toothpaste Smurf Toothbrush Figure Vintage Toy PVC Schleich Peyo 19
Buy: $9.99
2011-  McDonald's Happy Meal Toy 3" Peyo Baker Smurf Vinyl figure  Figurine
Buy: $5.75
Vintage 1989 Applause Jetsons happy meal Toy Figure Lot Of 3
Buy: $12.99
1977 Vintage Smurf Ski Figurine Toy Snow Winter Outdoors
Buy: $12.95
Vintage 1980 Smurf Plush Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Peyo 8" 80's
Buy: $8.00
2013 McDonald's The Smurfs 2 #'s 3,5,14 & 15 NEW/Sealed
Buy: $14.00
Sealed 1982 Playskool Smurf Number Match-Ups Puzzle Set
Buy: $30.00
1982 Smurfs Wind Up Toy Train
Buy: $11.01
2013 Peyo Smurfs 2 Movie Smooth Smurf McDonald's Happy Meal Toy #10
Buy: $5.50
Buy: $16.99
Buy: $10.00
2017 Burger King Smurf Toy Smurfwillow Flyin' Flower Copter Smurf New
Buy: $7.99
Build A Bear Smurfs Poppa Smurf Plush Stuffed Animal
Buy: $19.77
1979 (11") 1980 (21")  Peyo Wallace Berrie Plush Smurf Dolls
Buy: $29.95
The Smurfs McDonald’s Toy Lot of 6 (2011/2017) All Brand New!
Buy: $16.50
Smurfs Figures McDonalds Happy Meal 2011-2013 Lot Of Pre Owned Smurf Toys
Buy: $24.00
VTG Smurfs SEWING CARDS yarn craft Peyo 1983 Colorforms toy Papa Smurfette box
Buy: $10.00
Smurfs McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2011 (lot of 6)
Buy: $10.00
VTG 90s McDonald's Toys Lot Of 20 Smurfs, Bobby's World, Animaniacs, etc
Buy: $24.99
The Smurfs Plush Stuffed Animal 2011
Buy: $14.99
Lot Of 9 Vintage German Smurf Toys SchwGmund **USED** See Photos for Details!!!
Buy: $18.82
THE SMURFS McDonald's  Happy Meal Toy #14 VANITY SMURF  2011
Buy: $5.99
vintage The Smurfs SMURFETTE VIEW-MASTER REELS new/sealed on card
Buy: $25.00
McDonalds Smurfs Figures Happy Meal Toys Lot of 7 2011, 2013
Buy: $9.99
Lot of 12 McDonald Happy Meal Smurfs Jokey Vanity Grouchy Painter Hefty Papa
Buy: $19.19
McDonalds Happy Meal Toys The Smurfs Lot of 2 Chef and Greedy 2011
Buy: $9.95
Rare Ohio Art Toy Smurf Musical Drum Set with Box
Buy: $199.99
Rare Complete Set of 4 with the Bag The Smurfs (2011) Toys Hardee’s Sealed
Buy: $39.99
Vintage 1982 Smurfs Smurferoos Soccer Plush Stuffed
Buy: $13.49
The Smurfs 2 Handy Smurf McDonalds Toy PVC Figure 2013 #3 NEW Happy Meal Movie
Buy: $5.99
McDonalds Smurfs Toys Set of 15 - NEW
Buy: $51.20
Vintage Smurf Minimates Collectible Cowboy Smurf Fully Poseable
Buy: $11.99
2016 Smurfs The Lost Village Smurfette Toy Burger King Kids Club Meal
Buy: $6.45
Vintage Valentine Smurf Cupid with Heart Now and Arrow Schleich Peyo PVC Figure
Buy: $10.99
5 Still In Package Smurfin’ Smurfs From Hardees
Buy: $24.77
Peyo Smurfs Girl Smurfette 11" Plush Stuffed Toy Blonde Dress 80s Vintage 1981
Buy: $32.35
Buy: $6.98
Adorable Lot of 5 Assorted Plushies Nanco Kellytoy w/Various Brands Heights L@@K
Buy: $24.99
McDonalds Happy Meal 2013 Smurfs #2 Smurfette Magic Wand FREE S/H
Buy: $6.99
Burger King/McDonalds Toys Smurfs, Troll, Wowwee Monkey, Tin Boy, Equestria Girl
Buy: $18.99