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Pound Puppies White with Dark Brown Spots 7" Adorable Retro Toy And Gift!
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Pound Puppies Newborns Classic 80's Collection - Red Brown with Black Spots
Buy: $22.99
Pound Puppies Tan With Brown Spots 7" Adorable Retro Toy And Gift!
Buy: $22.99
FAO Schwarz Sparklers Glitter Gold Husky Puppy Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy NWT
Buy: $22.99
Hasbro World's Smallest Pound Puppies White w/Black Spots 3" Puppy Dalmatian NEW
Buy: $15.99
VINTAGE Pound Puppy puppies small 8" long brown TONKA Rumple Skins stuffed
Buy: $10.00
Vintage Lot Pound Puppies & Kitten Plush Tonka 80's
Buy: $20.00
Vintage Illco Pop Up Pound Puppies Preschool Toy 1986 Retro
Buy: $20.00
Basic Fun Pound Puppies Classic Stuffed Animal 17" White with Brown Spots
Buy: $24.98
Vtg 1985 pound puppies 7806 yellow raincoat w/ collar No Boots! Very Good Cond.
Buy: $12.00
1985 Tonka Vtg Pound Puppy Solid Gray Long Earred Hound Puppy Dog Collar
Buy: $22.49
Pound Puppies Original 1985 Full Size 18" Stuffed Toy Dog Black Tonka
Buy: $18.00
Vintage 1980’s lot of 6 pound puppies, travel carrier and 2 books
Buy: $22.00
Pound Puppies Newborns  Red with Black Spots 7" toy Stuffed Animal kids
Buy: $15.99
Vintage 1986 Pound Puppies Accessories Vitamins and Flea Powder
Buy: $6.99
Brown Plush Pound Puppies 1985
Buy: $17.09
16" plush Pound Puppies doll, good condition
Buy: $13.92
Pound Puppies 6" Purrries Purries Newborn Calico kitten Cat Plush Galoob 1996
Buy: $18.99
Vintage 1995 Pound Puppies Hideaway/Camp Hide And Seek Playset MISSING ONE STONE
Buy: $69.99
Vintage Tonka Pound Puppies 1 White & 1 Brown 8" Plush Dogs 1980's
Buy: $14.99
Vintage 1980's Pound Puppies travel carrier & lot of 5, 8" plush puppies Tonka
Buy: $38.99
RARE Vintage 1984 POUND PUPPIES Dog EARLY ORIGINAL Signed Mike Bowling 77/1000
Buy: $3500.00
Vintage 1985/86 Tonka Pound Puppies Plush 8" Lot of 7
Buy: $29.99
Basic Fun Pound Puppies Classic Stuffed Animal 17" White Poodle
Buy: $24.98
VINTAGE Galoob 1997 Pound Puppies BEARS FAMILY Mommy and 2 Baby Cubs NRFP Cream
Buy: $34.99
Small Pound Puppy Tonka Gray w Dark Brown Spots 8" Stuffed Plush Dog Vintage
Buy: $10.99
Rare Vintage Galoob Pound Puppies Super Play Van Deluxe Playset Complete Set
Buy: $250.00
Vintage POUND PUPPIES Lot of 3 1986 Tonka Poseable Plastic Figures
Buy: $19.95
Cute Light Brown doggie Toy Animal electronic sound perfect Christmas Gift
Buy: $12.99
Pound Puppies Vintage Plush with baby pup Original
Buy: $24.95
Pound Puppies Plush Lot Vintage Pound Piggies Galoob Tonka Pedigree Puppy
Buy: $45.00
Tonka Pound Puppies Tan No Collar Plush Stuffed Dog 18” Puppy 1985 Vintage
Buy: $14.99
Tonka 1985 Pound Puppy Purrries Kitty Cat Rust Brown White Plush Large 12"
Buy: $11.19
1990"s Galoob Pound Puppies / Purries playset mini figures 3 dogs 2 cats x3
Buy: $49.95
Vintage Tonka Brand Plush Stuffed Animal Pound Puppy Pur-ries Kitty Cat 1980s
Buy: $15.00
Vintage Pound Puppies Pink Super  Play Van Park Playset Galoob 1995
Buy: $29.99
Vintage 1985 Tonka Pound Purries Brown Striped 6" Cat With Red Collar
Buy: $8.40
Pound Puppies  Classic, Dark Brown Puppy Toy, Soft Toy Christmas Gift
Buy: $55.00
Pound Puppies Classic Stuffed Animal Plush Toy, Light Brown with Dark Brown
Buy: $16.90
24 Vintage Pound Puppies Pencil Sharpeners In Mfg Display Box. Collectable
Buy: $499.99
Golden Coloring Book: Pound Puppies 1986 [NEW & UNUSED] NOS
Buy: $16.00
Vintage 1985 Pound Puppies Newborns 3 Puppies and Carrier
Buy: $34.99
1995 Galoob POUND PUPPIES / PURRIES Paris Wedding Play Set in Blue Pet Carrier
Buy: $29.96
Buy: $15.00
Vintage Classic 14.5" POUND PUPPIES Dog Puppy Plush Dalmatian Black Spots Collar
Buy: $26.99
VINTAGE Lot of Pound Puppi Plush Stuffed Animals - Large and Mini
Buy: $24.00
(Partial) 1996 Pound Puppies Kibble Korner Diner Playset with Two Dogs
Buy: $21.99
Vintage Pound Puppies Plush In Box Large Small 80s Puppy 7805 Grey Spots Tonka
Buy: $65.00
Lot of 2 Pound Puppies HORSES Galoob Toys 1997 Vintage Rare cute
Buy: $19.98
VINTAGE Galoob 1997 Pound Puppies BEARS FAMILY Mommy and 2 Baby Cubs NRFP Brown
Buy: $34.99
Buy: $15.00
2020 POUND PUPPIES Large and Small Plush Puppies with Red Collars Name Tag CUTE!
Buy: $19.88
Pound Puppies Miniature "The Nose" #7815 Tonka 1985 NEW OLD STOCK Vintage Toys
Buy: $20.00
Pound Puppies Clip on Tan Cocker-spaniel
Buy: $19.99
Vintage Pound Puppies Plush Tonka Black White Spotted Dog 1985 Stuffed Animal
Buy: $9.99
World's Smallest POUND PUPPIES - Black Lab Mini 3" Puppy Dog
Buy: $19.99
Vintage Pound Bears Plush 3 Mini Bears 1997 Galoob NOS *A3
Buy: $27.99
Vintage Pound Purries Plush Tonka Grey Cat 1985 Stuffed Animal Kitty Puppies
Buy: $12.99
Vintage Tonka Pound Puppies Nose Marie Plush Moveable Arms, Legs, & Head
Buy: $20.00
Classic Toy Co Straight Outta the Pound Plush Dog Puppy Stuffed Animal 18"
Buy: $21.99
Vintage Pound Puppies Dinos Dinosaurs Mini Plush Set 1998 Galoob
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1998 NEW Vintage Pound Puppies Snuggle Sounds Huggable Plush Dog Galoob 18in
Buy: $39.99
2015 Hasbro Large 32" Pound Puppy Giant Stuffed Plush Pillow Excellent Condition
Buy: $69.99
Vintage 1980's Tonka POUND PUPPY 8" Brown w/ Black Spots & Long Ears +Red Collar
Buy: $12.99
1987 Tonka Pound Purries Furries Plush Cat Large Kitty Fluffy New In Box
Buy: $110.00
Tonka Pound Puppies and Purries lot 1985, 1986 with case Poodle dog large 
Buy: $49.99
Vintage Pound Puppy Lot - Kitty, Hand Made, Crocheted
Buy: $24.00
Vintage 80s TONKA Pound Puppies Red Puppy Carrier Backpack Dog Bed 1985 / 1986
Buy: $28.39
Vintage 1985 Tonka Pound Puppies Dog Puppy Plush 18” Chocolate Brown Short Ears
Buy: $10.00
Vintage Tonka 1985 Super Pound Puppy 23" Brown Plush Tonka Puppy Model 7812
Buy: $17.99
VINTAGE 1996 Pound Purries puppies mini Galoob lot of 2 black tan white tuxedo
Buy: $19.99
Vintage 1997 Lot of 4 Pound Puppies Resin Figures - Approx. 2.5-3 inches Each
Buy: $9.99
Vintage Tonka 1986 Pound Puppies White Puppy Hardee's Premium Toy With Dog House
Buy: $16.87
Vintage Pound Puppies Puppy 1985 80s Tonka PVC figure Lot Pencil Toppers
Buy: $34.99
NIP 1985 Vintage Tonka Pound Puppies Puppy Poseables PVC Brown Spaniel Hound
Buy: $14.99
90s Vintage Pound Puppy Tonka Brown Small Plush Toy Stuffed Animal
Buy: $10.00
Vintage Tonka Pound Puppies Plush Stuffed Animal Brown Short Ears
Buy: $13.49
Newborn Pound Puppies Irwin Chocolate Brown Pup Dog Stuffed Animal Vintage 1986
Buy: $26.95
Vintage 1997 Galoob POUND JUNGLE (Puppies) Mini Plush Monkey & Lion
Buy: $14.00
1998 Mary Meyer Promo Pedigree Pound Puppies 7" Tan Bean Plush Puppy Dog Animal
Buy: $24.99
Vintage 1986 Tonka Black Pound Puppy Plush Toy Brand New Sealed
Buy: $9.99
Mattel 2004 Pound Puppies 14" White Cocker Spaniel Dog Furry Ears Purple Eyes
Buy: $17.83
Vintage Pound Puppy Jungle Elephant Plush Stuffed Animal Galoob Toys 1997
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Lot of 3 Small Vintage Pound Puppies by Tonka 1986 Plush
Buy: $19.99
NWT Tonka Pound Puppies Newborn All Black Diaper Red Stuffed 2019 Plush Toy 8"
Buy: $17.99
Vintage Pound Puppies Newborn Dog Stuffed Animal 1980s Tonka Toys Small 8 Inch
Buy: $10.00
2 Pound Puppies, 2 Pound Cat Kitties, 2 Pound Puppies Clip On's Free Shipping!
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HASBRO 17” Pound Puppies Classic Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Floppy Dog Brown 2019
Buy: $21.97
 Vintage Pound Puppies Pound Purry with Bowl Bed Carrier Flea Powder Bone
Buy: $55.00
Vintage Tonka Pound Puppy Purries Kitty Cat White & Gray Striped Tabby 8" Plush
Buy: $14.99
~Vintage 1985 Pound Puppy Large 18” Brown Tan Spots with Collar Floppy Long Ears
Buy: $19.94
Buy: $5.95
1986 Tonka Pound Puppies Furries Plush Puppy Dog White Poodle New In Box
Buy: $70.00
Vintage 1997 Galoob Pound Ocean Manatee Family • In Box # 30664
Buy: $40.00
VTG POUND PUPPIES Farm Animal Lot of 3 Horses Pigs Hogs Mini 3" 1997 90s Ponies
Buy: $21.00
Pound Puppy Paw Prints 2007 Plush Brown Dog Red Collar Long Curly Ears 12"
Buy: $16.95
VINTAGE 1985 TONKA POUND PUPPIES 18" Brown Plush Collectible (No Collar)
Buy: $14.99
Vintage 1980's Tonka Pound Puppies Newborns Certificate of Ownership Paper
Buy: $10.98
Vintage Mid 90s Galoob PVC Pound Jungle Monkey Figure  - 2 1/2" tall
Buy: $14.99
A Little Golden Book Pound Puppies Problem Puppies by Justin Korman 1986
Buy: $26.99