Vintage Coleman Diamond Badge Steel Gray Cooler Damage
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Diner Mite vintage folding lunch box Proven Products (Nibot Corporation) kitsch
Buy: $7.99
Vintage 1984 Choudenshi Bioman Dinnerware Bento Set RARE HTF Super Sentai Ranger
Buy: $49.99
(1988) Ring Raiders *Jet Fighter* USAF *Air Force* Blue [LUNCH-BOX] Aladdin Ltd.
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Lisa Frank Hunter LF Lunch Tote Bag VTG 80s 7.5 x 6.7 x 5.9 inches
Buy: $129.99
Limited Too pink insulated lunch box hearts, food etc
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Vintage 1950s Red Barn Lunchbox, no thermos; and Blue Lunchbox with thermos
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Coca-Cola Retro extremely Limited TIN TOY Lunch Box SUPER RARE COLLECTIBLE Used
Buy: $200.00