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Garfield Pink Plush Stuffed Animal Cat 12” Toy Factory with Odie Garfield Tag
Buy: $16.99
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition
Buy: $42.83
2007 Ty Beanie Baby Perfectly Lovable Garfield The Cat *Free Ship*
Buy: $19.99
TY Beanie Baby - GARFIELD the Cat (STUCK ON YOU) (9 inch) - MWMTs Stuffed Toy
Buy: $66.89
The Great Dalmuti the card game
Buy: $17.00
TY Beanie Baby - POOKY the Stuffed Animal Bear ( Metal Key Clip ) (4 inch) MWMTs
Buy: $31.89
TY Beanie 2004 "Cool Cat" Baby Garfield 6" W/ Sunglasses.
Buy: $14.00
Vintage 1983 Dakin 7" Odie Plush Toy Garfield Jim Davis Stuffed Animal NICE!
Buy: $14.85
Konami - Garfield - Electronic Handheld Game Orange Vintage 1991 TESTED
Buy: $49.99
Vintage Dakin 1983 Garfield Nermal The Cutest Kitten Gray Cat 7” Plush NICE!
Buy: $38.70
Vintage Dakin Baby Garfield  Plush Toy Blue 9" With Pacifier
Buy: $39.95
WIZARDS OF THE COAST Robo Rally Board Game Richard Garfield 1st Edition 1994 New
Buy: $138.99
1984 Arlene Fun Farm & 1981 R Dakin Garfield United Feature Syndicate Plush Cats
Buy: $39.95
TY Beanie Baby - ODIE the Dog ( Garfield Movie Beanie ) (5.5 inch) - MWMTs
Buy: $7.89
NWTs Ty 8" Beanie Babies "GARFIELD" Christmas, Valentines and ODIE Dog Plush Set
Buy: $34.00
Vintage Garfield Plush 12" 1981 United Feature Syndicate Dakin Prone Laying Down
Buy: $23.99
Jon Sighing Garfield Metal Token Player Piece Paws Brand FREE SHIPPING
Buy: $5.06
Garfield 7" Arlene Plush Doll Soft Toy
Buy: $11.79
TY Beanie Baby - ARLENE the Cat ( Garfield Movie Beanie ) (6.5 inch) - MWMTs
Buy: $11.89
Garfield Monopoly Collector's Edition 2003 * YOU CHOOSE * Parts & Pieces Lots
Buy: $9.49
King of Tokyo/New York: Cybertooth Monster Pack
Buy: $14.47
Buy: $17.99
Vintage Dakin Garfield's Pooky Teddy Bear Plush Brown Stuffed Animal 8" 1983
Buy: $22.99
Garfield & Odie 12 Piece Frame Tray Puzzle Lot Fun Friends & Lets Play Bendon
Buy: $29.99
Ty Beanie Babies-Breadcrumbs The Mouse-MWMT-BBOM-Tiny Treasure-6"
Buy: $14.99
Garfield Plush 10" Chef With Spoon Dakin 1981 Vintage Made In Thailand
Buy: $19.49
Richard Garfield's King of Tokyo Board Game | IELLO | 2016 | Complete
Buy: $40.00
Alderac Entertainment Group 2015/10 Greedy Greedy Goblins Board Game
Buy: $27.90
TY Jingle Beanie Baby - STAR the Bear (5 inch) - MWMTs Ornament Stuffed Toy
Buy: $10.89
TY Beanie Baby ARLENE- Cat Garfield Movie 2004
Buy: $9.99
Buy: $12.00
2010 Toy Factory Garfield Plush Purple Yellow Flames 13"
Buy: $18.99
Vintage Dakin Garfield & Pookie The Night Before Christmas 8 1/2" Stuffed Plush
Buy: $24.99
Vtg. 1981 Garfield Christmas Santa Hat HUMBUG Tongue Out Plush 10" (E9)
Buy: $22.99
Vintage 1988 McDonald's Garfield Happy Meal Toys Lot Of 4
Buy: $16.99
NIP Vintage GARFIELD Garf-O-Vision Sealed Wendy’s Meal Toy
Buy: $10.00
Garfield The Cat Vintage 1981 Plush Stuffed Animal Fun Farm 10" Orange Vintage
Buy: $18.50
Garfield Lot Of 2 Ty Beanie Baby 2004-2005 With Tag Protectors
Buy: $25.00
TY Beanie Baby - LUCA the Dog ( Garfield Movie Beanie ) (6.5 inch)
Buy: $12.99
Aurora World Plush - Dreamy Eyes - MICHIGAN the Moose (10 inch) -New Stuffed Toy
Buy: $14.89
Garfield Die Cast Golden Wheel cars vintage in package rare PAWS
Buy: $37.95
VTG Garfield Christmas Plush TY w/ Tags
Buy: $16.65
Garfield And Odie Set Of Bingo Daubers
Buy: $8.39
2004 TY Beanie Buddy Plush Pooky Teddy Bear GARFIELD 7" Sitting
Buy: $24.99
Vintage 1981 GARFIELD Board Game By Parker Brothers Parts Only
Buy: $22.00
RICHARD PETTY & GARFIELD -  Racing Champions  2002 1:64 Car Chase The Race
Buy: $9.99
Applause Dakin Vintage 78 - 83 Heathcliff Garfield (6) Odie (2) Plush Lot EUC
Buy: $139.99
1997 Carl's Jr. Cool Combos Garfield the Cat Plastic Toy Racer Complete Set of 4
Buy: $23.35
Vintage GARFIELD EATING PIZZA Jigsaw Puzzle 200 pcs. RAMONES By Golden EUC
Buy: $18.95
Garfield Plush Bowler Gutter Ball Garfield 9" W/Tag Stuffed Animal Vintage Dakin
Buy: $19.95
Garfield Plush 7" I Love Lasagna Dakin 1981 Vintage Made In Korea
Buy: $19.99
Bunny Kingdom Rabbits Game Replacement Cities & Cards Richard Garfield Free Ship
Buy: $2.49
Vintage Dakin Garfield 9" Plush 1978-1981 "I'm Not Fat I'm Under Tall" FREE SHIP
Buy: $15.99
VTG Dakin Garfield Off To Work Tie Briefcase Suitcase 8" Plush Stuffed 1978-1981
Buy: $19.99
Ty Beanie Babies Nermal The Cat 2004
Buy: $11.25
2004 TY Beanie Baby Garfield Cool Cat Movie 6" inch Plush with Sunglasses Collar
Buy: $15.99
Vintage 1983 Odie Garfeild Plush 7" Fun Farm Puppy Dog Plush Tongue Out
Buy: $15.99
King of New York
Buy: $43.96
Ty Beanie Baby Nermal (Garfield movie) cat 8" 20cm New MWMTs Rare Retired
Buy: $12.99
Vintage 1981 Garfield 7" Plush "Stuck On You" Window Cling Dakin Stuffed Toy
Buy: $24.99
Toy Factory Garfield 14" Plush Blue Candy Cane Peppermint Holiday Christmas
Buy: $13.95
Vtg McDonalds 1988 Garfield Figures Lot Happy Meal Toys vehicles complete (t2)
Buy: $11.99
GARFIELD On Top of TV Wendys Kids Meal Toy NEW 2004
Buy: $8.99
2016 Aurora Garfield & Odie Cattitude Pooky 6" Bear Stuffed Animal Plush
Buy: $28.99
Bunny Kingdom: In the Sky Expansion
Buy: $28.49
Ty Beanie Baby GARFIELD the Cat (STUCK ON YOU) (9 Inch) NEW MINT with MINT TAGS
Buy: $59.95
Garfield Plush Aurora Stuffed Animal Paws Inc. Odie Big Eyes
Buy: $16.97
Ty Original Beanie Babies Garfield Bean Bag Plush Stuffed 6" Toy Cool Cat w Tags
Buy: $20.66
Vintage Missing Tooth Garfield Plush Cat by Dakin Pooky Bowtie Comic Made Korea
Buy: $19.97
1979-81 (Dakin) GARFIELD SPEED DEMON Window Cling Plush 9” Rare Vintage
Buy: $28.99
Garfield Tabby Cat TY Beanie Baby 7 in Garfields Movie Plush Stuffed Animal Toy
Buy: $19.99
Vintage Garfield Heart 100 Piece Puzzle | Golden | 1978 | Complete
Buy: $18.00
TY Beanie Babies Garfield Stuck On You Window Suction Cup Stick Car Plush Toy
Buy: $14.99
Garfield Vintage 9” Plush Stuffed Animal In Baseball Shirt Hat 1981 Collectible
Buy: $18.95
Queen Games - Treasure Hunter -Richard Garfield Board Game Complete
Buy: $19.95
Vintage Smiling Garfield Cat Boy Scouts Window Cling Plush Toy
Buy: $20.00
Buy: $49.00
Ty NEW LICENSED Beanie Baby POOKY the Teddy Bear 5" (from Garfield) MWMT
Buy: $35.44
Ty Beanie Babies Happy Holidays 2005 Garfield W Present 6" (Sitting) Santa Hat
Buy: $11.50
Vtg Garfield and Odie Upside Down 12" Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Factory New NWT
Buy: $21.99
DAKIN VINTAGE 1981 Garfield Big Bad Wolf Plush Animal Halloween Costume with Tag
Buy: $24.95
VINTAGE SEALED 2004 Wendy's Garfield the Movie Action Figure PLUSH
Buy: $19.99
Kellogg's 1978 Vintage GARFIELD Bicycle Spoke Reflector Blue
Buy: $7.00
TY Beanie Baby Luca The Dog W/ Tag Retired  Garfield The Movie DOB: 2004
Buy: $6.75
Burger King Garfield 2016 Toy #2 dog NIP Collectible Toy
Buy: $3.50
Vintage Garfield 12" Plush 1978 Dakin
Buy: $17.99
Vintage Garfield ODIE 1978 Suitcase Luggage Jim Davis Kat's Meow Blue Yellow Bag
Buy: $34.97
Ty Beanie Baby GOODNIGHT GARFIELD in PJs with POOKIE Retired With Tags
Buy: $23.99
Dakin Vintage Plush Small 5" Garfield Big Eye Cat '78-81
Buy: $20.00
Buy: $19.90
Buy: $10.00
Jigsaw puzzle Entertainment Garfield the Cat 100 piece beginners puzzle NEW
Buy: $19.99
Ty Beanie Baby ODIE - the Dog (Garfield Movie)
Buy: $9.50
TY Beanie Buddies 8' Pooky , garfield collar ///Pookys name on pendant
Buy: $24.99
Vintage McDonald's Garfield on Skateboard Happy Meal Toy Figure (1988)
Buy: $6.75
Macy's 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Garfield Christmas Plush Toy
Buy: $29.00
Garfield 9" Ty Beanie Buddies Plush With Christmas Elf Striped Hat and Scarf
Buy: $12.99
VTG Halloween Garfield Witch Plush 10th Birthday 1980s Stuffed Animal Witchy Poo
Buy: $29.99
Rare 1978 Vintage Garfield Cat Fun Farm United Feature Syndicate 10" Plush
Buy: $28.99
 TY Beanie Baby - ODIE the Dog ( Garfield Movie Beanie ) (5.5 inch)
Buy: $10.99