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Lot of 3 Monster High Dolls  Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo De Nile & Venus McFlytrap
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Lot of 5 Monster High Ever After High Dolls As Is See Pics Read Description
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Monster High Doll - Skelita Calaveras City of Frights
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Monster High Dolls - lot of 11 in good condition
$26.0 - 2 bids
Monster High Doll -  Robecca Steam 1st Wave
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Monster High 12" Ghoul Spirit "Draculaura" Daughter of Dracula Dolls  New.
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Monster High CFC61 Original Ghouls Collection Draculaura Doll
Monster High Doll -  Catrine de Mew Scaris City of Frights
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MONSTER HIGH Draculaura Ghouls Rule EUC
EUC! Monster High Dolls ROCHELLE GOYLE ShriekWrecked Gargoyle Doll MH
$12.0 - 3 bids
Monster High 1st Wave First Wave Abbey Bominable Doll Mattel
Lot of 3 Monster High Dolls  Clawdeen Wolf, Operetta & Spectra Vondergeist
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Monster High Nights Out Lot of 3 Rochelle Goyle Spectra Lagoona Dolls Mattel
Monster High Lot of 4 Clawdeen Wolf Dolls Mattel
Monster High Catrine Demew Scaris City Of Frights RARE White WERECAT New IN BOX
$23.0 - 5 bids
Monster High First Wave Cleo De Nile Doll w/ Stand Brush Mattel
MONSTER HIGH Draculaura 13 Wishes EUC
Operetta Monster High Original 1st Wave Diary Pet Spider New In Box FREE SHIP
$23.5 - 7 bids
Lot of 3 Monster High Dolls Kala Mer'ri - Posea Reef - Peri and Pearl Serpentine
Monster High Frankie Stein Doll & Accessories Dead Tired 2011 Mattel
Monster High Gilda Goldstag doll - nude - rare!
Monster High Deuce Gorgon & Gillington Gil Webber Lot Of 2 Dolls
Buy: $25.0
Monster High FRANKIE STEIN First Wave Doll
$35.0 - 7 bids
Monster High 13 Wishes Lot of 5 Catty Gigi Howleen Twyla Dolls Mattel
Monster High Ghoul Spirit Doll FRANKIE STEIN NEW!
Monster High Draculaura Doll with Earrings, Purse and Shoes and Clothes
$4.58 - 2 bids
Lot of 2 Monster High Dolls Great Scarrier Reef Kala Merri, Peri & Pearl Serpent
Buy: $24.99
Monster High Doll -  Jinafire Long Scares City of Frights
Buy: $21.0
Monster High Frankie Stein doll - Re-release of First Wave
$10.5 - 3 bids
2013 Monster High Picture Day Operetta
Custom Monster High Fairy Doll
Buy: $40.0
Monster High Doll Dance Class Operetta Swing
$15.0 - 1 bid
Monster High Operetta First Wave Doll Mattel #D
Monster High First Wave Toralei Stripe Doll w/ Brush Stand Pet Mattel
Monster High Mattel doll DRACULAURA Sweet 1600 birthday
Lot of 3 Monster High Dolls  Draculaura, Venus Mcflytrap & Abbey Abominable
Buy: $36.95
Lot of 3 Monster High Dolls  Cleo De Nile, Venus McFlytrap & Clawdeen Wolf
Buy: $35.0
RARE.  Ever After High EAH  Boy. Doll Monster High  FREE SHIP USA
$22.0 - 2 bids
Lot of 5 Monster High Dolls lot 4
Monster High First Wave Lot of 2 Operetta & Robecca Steam Dolls Mattel
NEFERA de NILE Monster High Boo York CITY SCHEMES Musical New In Box FREE SHIP
$32.0 - 7 bids
Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona Blue Daughter of the Sea Monster Doll NIB
Buy: $24.99
Monster High Monster Exchange Program Draculaura Doll  NEW
Monster High Doll CLEO DE NILE & Her Pet Snake HISSETTE First 1st Wave
Monster High First Wave Venus Mcflytrap Doll Mattel 2011
Monster High Zombie Shake 2-Pack Lot Werecat Twins Meowlody & Purrsephone Dolls
Monster High I Heart Fashion Iris Clops Doll Outfits Shoes Accessories
Monster High Operetta clothes shoes accessories LOT
Buy: $26.0
monster high boo york mermaids  lot of 27 dolls
Monster High Create A Monster Lot of 3 CAM Siren Dolls Mattel
Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll Lot Two
monster high doll jane boolittle ghouls getaway 2016 target exclusive redressed
Monster High Gloom Beach Lot of 4 Draculaura Frankie Ghoulia Clawdeen Dolls
Monster High Multipack 5 Dolls  Ghoulia Frankie Stein Cleo Clawdeen Draculaura
EUC! Monster High Dolls PURRSEPHONE Zombie Shake Werecat Twin Dress Accessories
$8.5 - 1 bid
Monster High Scarily Ever After Lot of 2 Draculaura & Frankie Stein Dolls Mattel
BRAND NEW MONSTER HIGH  DOLL Draculaura In Original Pkg
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Monster High 13 Wishes Abbey Bominable doll - nude
$7.5 - 1 bid
Monster High Bratz Ever After Disney Dolls Mattel Lot of 6
Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Doll in Box Mattel 2011 daughter of a ghost
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Monster High Dolls Vending Machine
Monster High Freaky Fusion Dracubecca Doll Mattel
Monster High Dolls Lot Of 8
Buy: $38.99
Monster High Venus McFlytrap FIRST WAVE with Pet Chewlian Plant EUC
Monster High Scaris City Of Frights Rochelle Goyle Doll
Monster High lot of 5 dolls doll cleo operetta clothes shoes outfits
Monster High First 1st Wave DRACULAURA Doll & Pet
$42.22 - 1 bid
Monster High Inner Monster Mood Multi-Pack - Includes All 3 Outfits NEW
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MONSTER HIGH Doll Viperine Gorgon Scare And Makeup Rare
Monster High Abbey Bominable Sweet Screams Doll & Outfit Purse Lot Collectible
Monster High Rochelle Goyle Doll Ghoul’s Night Out MH
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Ghouls Rule NEW NRFB
Monster High Clawdia Wolf Frights Camera Action New Doll
Buy: $34.99
Monster High Ghoul Sports Toralei Stripe doll - nude - Cat Werecat
$7.99 - 1 bid
Monster High First Wave Rochelle Goyle Doll Mattel
Monster High Ghouls Rule Lot of 4 Draculaura Cleo Clawdeen Frankie Dolls Mattel
Monster High Coffin Bean Robecca Steam Doll
$10.5 - 4 bids
Monster High Frights Camera Action Honey Swamp Doll  New!
Lot of (7) Monster High dolls and accessories Mattel Used  
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Cute Lot of Monster High & Ever After High Vinyl, Jointed Dolls, Mattel
$17.0 - 7 bids
Monster High Doll Ghoulia Yelps And Abbey Bominable Exckusive Pack
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Monster High Sister Pack Lot 2 Howleen Wolf & Clawdeen Wolf Dolls Mattel NEW
Monster High Rochelle Goyle Ghouls Night Out Doll & Accessories
ooak monster high repaint - dolls
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Monster High Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter Centaur Horse Doll w/ Wings Diary Mattel
Monster High Home Ick Frankie Stein doll - nude
$7.5 - 1 bid
Monster High Power Ghouls Lot of 2 Toralei Stripe & Spectra Vondergeist Dolls
Monster High Doll ~ PICTURE DAY - OPERETTA!  NIB!
3 Monster High Nudes - Frankie Stein, Deuce Gorgon, & Ghoulia Yelps
$12.99 - 1 bid
Monster High Honny Swamp & Ever After Cedar Wood Doll Lot W Cloths & Stands
Monster High Lot Of 3 Were Cat Twins Meowlody And Purrsephone Fearleading Squad
Monster High Coffin Bean Draculaura doll - nude
SDCC 2015 Monster High Nefera De Nile Boo York Exclusive Vinyl Figure Mattel NiB
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Monster High - Haunt The Casbah - Frankie Stein - 13 Wishes
monster high accessories lot
$7.5 - 2 bids
Monster High Doll Create A Monster, Insect, Add-On Pack
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