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Vintage 19th Century French Harvest Bronze Lady Grapes Sculpture Signed E.Dubois
Chaim Gross Bronze Figural Sculpture Lot 66 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Chaim Gross Bronze Figural Sculpture Lot 68 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Bronze Sculpture, Statue &amp; figurine,Art Nouveau, Art, 1900s.
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Chaim Gross Bronze Sculpture Lot 67 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
original bronze sculpture dragonfly signed
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Vintage Bronze Puzzle Sculpture By Laila Pullinen
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Large Kieff Grediaga Abstract Bronze Sculpture Lot 258 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Large Marcel Andre Bouraine Nude Bronze Sculpture Lot 269 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Han Vo Sculpture  "ZEBRA"   Bronze  Limited Edition 10/150 Collection.
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Larry Mohr Abstract Bronze Sculpture Lot 444 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Han Vo Sculpture Art Bronze Signed "Tiger"Limited Edition 3/50
Buy: $6500.0
Han Vo Sculpture Art Signed Bronze "The First Dragon 4Ball" Limited Edition 5/50
Buy: $1450.0
Chaim Gross Bronze Figural Sculpture Lot 65 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Bronze Giraffe Sculpture
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Larry Mohr Abstract Bronze Sculpture Lot 441 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Han Vo Sculpture Art Signed Bronze "Butterfly"Limited Edition 2/150
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boy laying reading book bronze sculpture -  Size: 24"L x 10"W x 11"H.
Buy: $590.0
Three monkeys on a tree log - Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 27"L x 11"W x 18"H.
Buy: $725.0
Boy plays football Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 25"L x 12"W x 40.5"H.
Buy: $1040.0
Alexandre Kelety Art Deco Figural Bronze Sculpture Lot 270 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Two Sparrows on tree - Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 17"L x 8"W x 17"H.
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Colorful Clown Playing Instrument Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 18"L x 13"W x 31"H.
Buy: $995.0
Two Parrots on a tree - Bronze Sculpture
'Scarlett' Sculpture, Custom Bronze Sculpture by Artist Stephanie Hunter
Buy: $2500.0
Larry Mohr Nude Sculpture Lot 257 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Nov 25
Girl on a swing Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 15"L x 8"W x 21"H.
Buy: $515.0
Eight Horses Stallion 24K Gold Silver Plated Bronze Sculpture Figurine Figure
Buy: $584.35
Real Bronze Metal Statue Base Elephant Safari Sculpture Home Decor 24K Gold Art
Buy: $779.35
Two Sea Turtles Swimming Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 17"L x 9"W x 20"H.
Buy: $515.0
Art Deco "End of the Trail" Indian Antique Reproduction Hot Cast Decor Sculpture
Buy: $590.0
Bronze Sculpture Statue Westward Art marble carved abstract Dragon s Figurine Ar
Buy: $975.0
Bronze Sculpture Statue signed Deer hunting dogs Animal art Deco Buck Wild Anima
Buy: $957.6
Leapfrog Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 12"L x 7"W x 19"H.
Buy: $410.0
Art Deco Hot Cast Mother Giraffe with Baby Figurine Sal Bronze Sculpture Statue
Buy: $1197.0
Western Art Deco Black Bear Mother Marble Hot Cast Gift Bronze Sculpture Statue
Buy: $897.0
Massive Happy Indian Elephant Sign of Good Luck and For Bronze Sculpture Statue
Buy: $897.0
Elephant Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 11"L x 8"W x 10"H.
Buy: $515.0
Signed Original Miguel Lopez English Bulldog Planter Ar Bronze Sculpture Statue
Buy: $597.0
Gold Patina Young Tarzan Killing Leopard Figurine Figur Bronze Sculpture Statue
Buy: $1050.0
Man playing Flute Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 10"L x 8"W x 10"H.
Buy: $365.0
Original 100% Real Bronze 27" Length Dolphin Sculpture~Signed 55 LBS Figurine
Buy: $1234.35
Panda Bear Mother Bookend Book End"Pride & Joy" Bronze Sculpture Figurine Decor
Buy: $584.35
Vienna Bronze Little Brown Bear Sculpture Brown Marble Base Masterpiece Figurine
Buy: $584.35
Owl Bronze Sculpture -  Size: 12"L x 6"W x 12"H.
Buy: $305.0
R.Cook Bronze Statue Abstract Modern Mid Century Limited Sculpture Signed Art
Buy: $584.35
Office/Home decor bronze sculpture Fairy/Mythical Hind Stag And Hercules Vitaleh
Buy: $1299.35
Bronze Dragon Sculpture Signed and Numbered Asian Artifacts Home Office Decor
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Buy: $175.2
Bronze Sculpture, BEETLEFUT by Lorraine Vail
Buy: $875.0
Bronze Female Torso Sculpture by Feng Jin Created 2002
Bronze Sculpture Hot Cast Goat Ram 24K Gold Silver Figurine Figure Home Décor
Buy: $226.85
 Handcrafted Bronze Sculpture Art Duck Multi Color Patina Figure Figurine Ef
Buy: $559.2
 Handcrafted Signed Extra Large Sculptures Africa Bronze Tiger Collectibles Ef
Buy: $559.2
Handcrafted 36“Bronze Animal Zodiac American Foxhound Sculpture Backyard Ef
Buy: $559.2
Office & Home decor, gift, Collectible Bronze Sculpture, Statue 24K Gold Plate
Buy: $259.35
American Artist Fisher Original Duck Decks Marshland Bronze Sculpture Figure Ef
Buy: $559.2
Four Identical Boy Puti Planter Bronze Sculpture Joseph Cheret Hot Cast Deco Ef
Buy: $639.2
BRONZE Champion Body Builder Mr. Universe Muscle Man Figurine Sculpture Ef
Buy: $559.2
24K Gold Indian Tiger Highly Collectible Original Bronze Sculpture Figurine Gift
Buy: $226.85
Jason Napier Double Owl "Hooty Owls Bronze Sculpture #13 / 21
Bronze Trumpeter Sculpture Art by Craig Lauterbach #13/50
100% Genuine Bronze Barnyard Pals Horse and Dog Garden Sculpture Marble Base Sal
Buy: $324.35
Vintage and Rare Pair of Bronze Horses Sculpture Stanchions
Bronze Sculpture / Martha Pettigrew Original / "Corn Maiden"
Buy: $3250.0
Jason Napier Blue Heron on Turtle Base Bronze Sculpture #8 / 72
Bronze Sculpture Hot Cast Asian Artwork Great Birthday Gift 24K Gold Plated Gift
Buy: $259.35
Butterfly Bronze Sculpture Art Created By Craig Lauterbach
Jason Napier Swans "Reflections"  Bronze Sculpture # 6 / 21
Signed Original Abstract Modern Art Female Torso Bronze Sculpture Marble Base
Buy: $649.35
Large Crystal 24K Gold Plated Bronze Sculpture Collectible Figurine Gift Deal
Buy: $389.35
Lost Wax Cast Bronze  Sculpture  "COFFEE TIME:10 to 10:10" Original Unique
Richard MacDonald Sculpture - Art Bronze Cheetah Study III - Animal Cat
Richard MacDonald Bronze Art Cheetah Sculpture - Cheetah Study I - Animal Cat
24K Gold Plated Bronze African Four Elephants Bronze Sculpture W/ Pearl Statue
Buy: $324.35
Foxhound Dog Bronze Sculptur Collectible Collector Detailed Figurine Hotcast DB
Buy: $559.2
Artwork by Marius, Seagull, Made of Enamel  bronze Limited Edition Sculpture Hom
Buy: $649.35
24K Gold Art Deco Collector Edition Six Trout Trouts Fish Bronze Sculpture Sale
Buy: $324.35
 Lost Wax Cast  Abstract Bronze Sculpture "Receptual Art #3" Kristin Eyfells
Bronze Collector Edition Signed Art Sculpture Muhammad Ali & Sonny Liston Boxing
Buy: $584.35
Limited Edition Numbered Lazy Chinese Panda Wildlife Creature Bronze Sculpture S
Buy: $623.35
Collector Edition Hand Crafted 24K Gold Bronze Horse Stallion Sculpture Art Deco
Buy: $259.35
Limited Edition Hot Cast Two Running Deer Stags Bronze Sculpture Marble Base Sta
Buy: $1299.35
Original Limited Edition Thomas Victorian Style Figurine Urn Bronze Sculpture St
Buy: $560.95
Original Cast Bronze Abstract Sculpture "Receptual Art #2" Kristin Eyfells
Sculpture bronze female chair nude erotica collectable figure art deco bronze De
Buy: $349.0
Limited Edition Original Maris 4 Fishes Fish Ocean Decor Bronze Sculpture Statue
Buy: $935.35
Hot Cast Original by Williams American Artist Ducks Wildlife Bronze Sculpture St
Buy: $560.3
BRONZE EAGLE FLAG SCULPTURE Patriotic Military Veteran Signed Made in USA SALE
Buy: $649.35
Sculpture Statue Large Barye Panther Cougar Art Deco Lost Wax Bronze Collectibl
Buy: $389.0
Rare Bronze Patriotic "Allegiance" Eagle Sculpture By Moigniez Hand Made Figure
Buy: $1104.35
Three Swordfish Bronze Sculpture Collector Numbered Edition Statue Ocean Sea Art
Buy: $779.35
 Cast Abstract Bronze Abstract Sculpture, "Receptual Art #7", Kristin Eyfells
Sculpture Statue Real Capitoline Wolf Remus Romulus FIGURE Figure Bronze Collec
Buy: $469.0
 Lost Wax Cast Bronze Receptual Art 1, Abstract Sculpture Kristin H. Eyfells
Buy: $974.35
Zodiac 24K Gold Plated Genuine Bronze Stallion Horse Sculpture Statue Art Gift
Buy: $226.85