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Leica Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 90mm all chrome lens
Buy: $275.0
POLAROID 600 SE Camera with MAMIYA 127mm f/4.7 Lens
 Petzval 4 120 lens for Hasselblad 500 camera body
Buy: $649.0
A FILM COLLECTOR'S LIBRARY AND EQUIPMENT.  Super 8mm sound & silent.  16mm sound
Nimslo Quadra 3D 35mm Film Camera  Battery Tested Green Light with Manual MORE
STORAGE FIND Polaroid 195  Land Camera with Tominon 114mm f3.8 Lens, Case, Strap
$145.0 - 9 bids
Bolex H16   Camera body only
Graflex XL & XLRF Viewing Hood = Ground Glass With Graflok Back & Extra Frame
$56.0 - 4 bids
Yashica 44A vintage camera
Buy: $50.0
Rolleicord Va Exc Condition Film Tested With Manual and Original Rollei Box
Single Metal 8mm Film Reel - 200 Feet / Reelane / Blue
Buy: $8.9
Excellent CLEAN Rollei Magic TLR Schneider Xenar 3.5 75mm Outfit
Rollei Rolleicord VB German 120 Film TLR - Xenar 75mm Lens - As-Is
$1.29 - 2 bids
Pathe 9.5mm Film Camera & Projector Lot 378 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
zeiss ikon Ikoflex twin Lens relex cameras
Vintage Rolleiflex 3.5 MX-EVS Zeiss Tessar 75mm TLR Camera
$62.0 - 2 bids
Rolleiflex 3.5C TLR Camera Planar 75mm f/3.5 Heidosmat f/2.8 Carl Zeiss ++ xtras
Vintage Agfa Ansco 5X7 Wood Medium Format View Camera-Absolutely Stunning
Buy: $345.95
$46.0 - 3 bids
Vintage Cine-Kodak Special, 16mm movie camera with 6 lenses
Vintage Mamiya C33 Professional Camera Bundle FREE Shipping!
- Univex Mercury  Half Frame 35mm Camera, 35mm f3.5 Lens, Rapid Winder, Shade
- Univex Mercury II Model CX Half Frame 35mm Camera, 35mm f3.5 Lens USA Made
Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 5cm f/2 For Contax 35mm Rangefinder Cameras Germany 1947
$91.0 - 2 bids
- Graflex Speed Graphic "Baby" Graphic 6x9 Camera w/ 101mm Optar Lens
Mamiyaflex C Twin Lens Reflex with Mamiya Sekor 13.5cm 1:4.5
Buy: $189.0
Yashica MAT 124 G Medium Format TLR Film Camera w/ 80mm f/3.5 + Case
Bell & Howell Model L Eyemo 35mm Camera Lot 364 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Rodenstock Tiefenbildner Imagon 1:5.4 F17cm D.R.P. Kuhn
$27.0 - 2 bids
Rollei Rolleicord III German 120 TLR w 35mm Rolleikin, Xenar 75mm Lens - As-Is
$0.99 - 1 bid
Contax RF Zeiss Opton Sonnar T* 50mm f/1.5 Lens. Ca 1951. Excellent shape!
$125.5 - 14 bids
Vintage EIKI SNT-0 / 3585 Slim Line 16mm Film Projector with Case Cover & Reels
Edison Kinetoscope Home Projector 22mm Lot 372 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Polaroid Originals OneStep2 with Two (2) packs i-Type Film
$88.0 - 8 bids
Powers Cameragraph #6 35mm Projection Head Projector Lot 307 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Ernemann dresden ernon Lens 1:3,5 F 7,5cm Nr 146981
$55.0 - 3 bids
Vintage EIKI SNT-0 Slim Line 16mm Film Projector - 50mm F1.2 Lens - Case NICE
Schneider America Reversible Anamorphic Lens, 4" Lg. Format KA 299 (Kollmorgen)
Vintage Polaroid SX-70 OneStep White Rainbow Stripe Land Camera TESTED & WORKING
Buy: $49.95
Polaroid One Step Rainbow Stripe for SX-70 Instant Film, Land Camera, vintage
Buy: $19.5
Keystone Vintage 3 Lens Turret,  Model K-38, 8mm Film Camera Made in U.S.A.
$29.28 - 3 bids
Brenkert Projection Co by Biunial Magic Lantern Lot 279 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Rolleiflex Film Camera Pin
Buy: $13.25
Zeiss-Ikon Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex Coffee Can
AS-IS Zeiss Ikoflex Ia 1a TLR 120 Roll Film Camera & 75mm W/Manual and Case
Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Analog Camera (Black)
Buy: $39.95
Ihagee Exakta Varex VX Camera with Zeiss Jena Biotar 5.8cm  f2.0 Lens Red T
Buy: $125.0
Goldberg 35mm 14.5" 2000ft. Antique Metal Film Reel
Lot of 6 Vintage Metal Kodak Film Containers. Canisters.
Leica PAMOO Right Angle Finder for Visoflex I
Buy: $24.95
Polaroid SX70 Near Mint Tested / Fully Functional w/ It's Original Leather Case
Buy: $185.0
Antique brass lens 13" focal length covers 8X10 on a modern Sinar board
Yashica-Mat 120 Film TLR Camera Copal-MXV Shutter Yashinon 80mm F1:3.5 Lens + AC
$26.75 - 12 bids
Vintage Rare Stereo Realist Red Button Viewer Kit in Wooden Case & Slides
Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532/16 Camera w Tessar 80mm F2.8 Lens + Case Stiff Focus
$7.55 - 8 bids
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 860/24 Rare Collectible 35mm TLR w Xeiss Sonnar 5cm F2 Lens
Singer-Graflex Milspec 16mm Sound Projector
Carl Zeiss Jena 13.5cm f4 Triotar coated lens for Exakta good cond long focus
Buy: $39.95
Polaroid One600 Instant 600 Film Blue Camera Fully Operational
35mm Bell & Howell Eyemo Camera 71 Model MM Lot 360 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Jupiter 8 50mm f/2 Black Late Version Leica Type Screwmount Lens NICE Condition
$24.95 - 1 bid
:Carl Zeiss Jena 10.5cm 4.5 Tessar Lens in  F Deckel Muncher Compur Shutter
Angenieux Paris Alsetar 75mm f/3.5 Mold Haze
Vintage Yashica Mat-124 Camera - As Is - Un-Tested
Vintage Kodak Folding Camera
$30.99 - 4 bids
Vintage Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 Press Camera, 127mm Ektar Lens
Buy: $199.0
Jupiter 8 5cm f/2 Chrome Early Version Leica Type Screwmount Lens Good Condition
$15.5 - 2 bids
Leitz Leica Bakelite Lens Case for 135mm f4.5 Hektor Lens
Buy: $27.5
Lot Of (4) Fim Camera Topcon Canon Minolta Untested Vintage
Edison Kinetoscope Projector Lot 329 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Vintage Polaroid SX-70 One Step White Rainbow Stripe Instant Land Camera TESTED
Leica Chrome Elmar 135mm f/4 M Mount Lens
Buy: $105.0
Vintage Yashica-Mat LR 6X6 TLR Medium Format Camera
$21.5 - 10 bids
Eastman kodak camera stand antique tripod vintage 
$5.5 - 4 bids
Bell & Howell Eyemo Model M Camera 71 Lot 375 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Ernst Plank Magic Lantern Projector Lot 377 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Leica M3 with MR meter case plus extras very good early 1955 free ship USA
Polaroid Spectra System Tripod, Remote Control, Filters, and Case
35mm Standard Simplex Projector Lot 380 <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
Vintage Rolleiflex 4x4 Baby Gray TLR Film Camera w/ Case & Box FREE SHIP USA
$215.5 - 34 bids
Edison Home Kinetoscope Yellowstone National Park Lot 372B <br/> Part of a live auction event on Saturday, Jun 23
RARE Collectible Nikon S4 Vintage 35mm RF w 50mm F2 NIKKOR-H.C, Works Perfectly!
$56.0 - 6 bids
Kollmorgen Large Format 4" Lens (Super Snaplite Type) BX 265, Drive in Theatre
$20.0 - 1 bid
Kodak Petite Green Art Deco Bellows Folding Camera Enamel & Chrome Front
$100.0 - 1 bid
Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm 1:3.5 Macro Focusing Auto Zoom (Nikon)
Neumade 35 mm Slide Storage Cabinet Gray Metal 5 Drawers Used
Buy: $38.0
Agfa FLEXILETTE 35mm Film TLR Camera W/ 45mm Apotar f/2.8 Prontor Lens Germany
Canon 50mm f/1.8 FL lens
Buy: $25.0
Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep Camera , Excellent Condition New Battery NICE!
Buy: $80.0
Rare  Sears Tower 37a Mamiya Prismat NP Exakta Mount SLR w/lens & Clip On Meter
Buy: $175.0
Kodak Retina ll 35mm Camera,Filters and Accessories Early model Includes case.  
Buy: $59.99
Leica Summaron 35mm f/3.5 M-Mount chrome Rangefinder lens w/ Goggles Leitz
$31.0 - 7 bids
Vintage Kodak Reflex TLR Film Camera #38907
Buy: $59.5
Boxed Brass Camera Lens Set Adjustable Shutter 5 pcs
Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Primoplan Red V 58mm F1.9 M42 14 Blade Lens - As-Is Optics
$56.55 - 8 bids