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Lot Of Mixed Assorted Beads Jewelry Supplies Vintaj CONTAINERS Not Included
Vintaj Natural Brass 21x41mm Swooping Swallow
Vintaj Vogue Pendants, Beaded Daisy Petals 19x16mm, 2 Pieces, Raw Brass
Buy: $2.99
Vintaj Natural Brass 50 x 39mm Ornate Dragonfly
Vintaj Brass Menagerie Chandelier Drop Charms 20.5mm X2
Buy: $4.59
Vintaj Metal Relief Block For Filing, Buffing & Sanding
Buy: $5.89
Vintaj Vogue Pendants, Patterned Wings Dragonfly 27.5x36mm, 1 Piece, Raw Brass
Buy: $3.25
Vintaj Brass, Native American Head Liberty Coin Charms 24 Gauge 19.5mm, 2 Pcs
Buy: $3.75
VINTAJ Natural Brass P439 Altered Bank 29mm With Small Circle 38 Piece Bag NIP
Vintaj Natural Brass Canopy Bead Caps 11.5mm  (4 Pieces)
Buy: $5.25
 Vintaj Metal Accents Classic Tags 22mmX11mm 3/Pkg 813375012253
Buy: $5.37
Vintaj BC10R  Metal Bead Caps-Filigree 7mm 10/Pkg (3Pk)
Buy: $11.97
Vintaj Patina Kit Treasured Heirloom-ea
Vintaj Natural Brass Pendants Set of 3
Buy: $9.99
VINTAJ Natural Brass PT053 Token 19mm With 16 Piece Bag SILVER Color NEW
 Vintaj Metal Accents  Princess Dragonflies 12mmX13mm 2/Pkg 813375014905
Buy: $6.03
 Vintaj Metal Accents Journal Keys 18mmX10mm 2/Pkg 813375012307
Buy: $4.45
Vintaj Natural Brass Ornate Filigree Butterfly Stamping 38x46mm (1)
Buy: $6.85
 Vintaj Metal Ear Wires Round Loop 27mmX15mm 4/Pkg 813375015599
Buy: $4.42
 Vintaj Metal Bezel Rectangle 28mmX25mm 1/Pkg 813375011270
Buy: $4.42
P160: Vintaj Natural Brass Art Deco Dragonfly Pendant, 35mm x 47mm
Buy: $5.95
 Vintaj Metal Accents Menagerie 20.5mmX13mm 2/Pkg 813375017746
Buy: $4.81
Vintaj Vogue Pendants, Filigree Flourished Fan 28.5x22mm, 2 Pieces, Raw Brass
Buy: $3.75
 Vintaj Metal Accents Emblazonry 25mmX16mm 2/Pkg 813375017692
Buy: $4.63
 Vintaj Metal Accents Diamond Filigrees 15mmX21mm 2/Pkg 813375015230
Buy: $3.86
Vintaj Natural Brass Stamping Pendant - Artful Bunny Rabbit 25 x 10mm (1)
Buy: $2.95
Vintaj Natural Brass 59x31mm Deco Vines Filigree
 Vintaj Metal Accents Teensie Nouveau Leaves 13mmX12mm 2/Pkg 813375017531
Buy: $3.67
Vintaj Natural Brass 42mm Passion Flower Petal Filigree
Vintaj Natural Brass 41 x 18mm Diving Sparrow
Vintaj  Brass Hammered Ring Open Circle Charms 22mm (2)
Buy: $3.75
Vintaj Natural Brass 42 x 31.5mm Fanciful Bird
Vintaj Natural Brass 50.5 x 40mm Lunarfly
Vintaj Natural Brass 64 x 21mm Diamond Trellis Filigree
Vintaj Natural Brass 60mm Diamond Swirls Wrapping Filigree
Vintaj Natural Brass 63mm Full Diamond Circle Filigree
 Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks Large Circles 33.4mm 2/Pkg 813375010945
Buy: $5.91
 Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks Large Squares 20.5mm 2/Pkg 813375010952
Buy: $5.64
Vintaj Natural Brass, Circle Pendant Stamping Blank 24 Gauge 29mm, 2 Pieces
Buy: $3.49
 Vintaj Metal Accents Demi Circlets 10mmX21mm 2/Pkg 813375012444
Buy: $4.23
 Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks Small Circles 25.5mm 2/Pkg 813375010983
Buy: $4.26
Vintaj Natural Brass 52 x 41mm Waterlily Maiden
Patina Paint Metal Paint for Jewelry Vintaj Patina Lot Of 34. Only 2 Colors Used
 Vintaj Metal Bead Caps Filigree 7mm 10/Pkg 813375015254
Buy: $5.07
 Vintaj Metal Accents 2/Pkg Journal Page 29mm 813375010792
Buy: $6.64
 Vintaj Metal Accent Heart To Heart 19mmX16mm 1/Pkg 813375012574
Buy: $6.34
 Vintaj Metal Bezel Rectangle 56mm 1/Pkg 813375018934
Buy: $5.95
 Vintaj Metal Ear Wires Arched 26mmX11mm 4/Pkg 813375017876
Buy: $6.34
 Vintaj Metal Accent Classic Nouveau Leaf 17mmX16mm 1/Pkg 813375011010
Buy: $6.03
HUGE LOT of Vintaj Natural Brass Jewelry Making Components Charms Findings
Buy: $350.0
Vintaj Vogue Pendants, Filigree Etruscan Drop 55.5x25mm, 1 Piece, Raw Brass
Buy: $3.99
 Vintaj Metal Accents Filigree Sunflowers 20mm 2/Pkg 813375017524
Buy: $6.06
 Vintaj Metal Accent Love Token 19mm 1/Pkg 813375012260
Buy: $6.09
 Vintaj Metal Accents Delicate Hearts 19mmX18mm 2/Pkg 813375017555
Buy: $6.09
 Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks Rectangles 22.5mmX12.5mm 4/Pkg 813375011003
Buy: $6.71
Vintaj Vogue Pendants, Spring Leaves 37x18mm, 2 Pieces, Raw Brass
Buy: $3.49
 Vintaj Metal Blanks Square Tags 9mm 6/Pkg 813375017456
Buy: $5.3
Vintaj Brass Fastenables Fern Frond Leaf Charms 40mm /2
Buy: $2.95
Vintaj Vogue Embellishments, Peony Filigree 46mm, 1 Piece, Raw Brass
Buy: $4.75
Vintaj  Pendants,  Raw Brass Lot of 100 pieces assorted
Buy: $45.0
 Vintaj Metal Clasps Hook & Eye 21mmX6mm 2/Pkg 813375015476
Buy: $6.34
 Vintaj Metal Blanks Circles 25mm 4/Pkg 813375018811
Buy: $6.35
Vintaj Natural Brass Square Dapt Filigree Stampings 20mm (2)
Buy: $4.99
 Vintaj Metal Accents Filigree & Flower 15.8mm & 25mm 2/Pkg 813375016466
Buy: $7.3
Vintaj Artisan Copper Blank Square Blank Pendant 23.5mm (2)
Buy: $3.49
Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks-Rectangles 22.5mmX12.5mm 4/Pkg
Buy: $7.17
Vintaj Natural Brass, Tapered Rectangle Pendant Blank 40x5mm, 2 Pieces
Buy: $2.99
FULL KIT 6 Vintaj Door  Brass blank Sets ALL PARTS  DecoEmboss, DecoEtch NEW
Buy: $26.99
Vintaj Natural Brass, Wandering Pathway Split Ring Drop Pendant 32mm, 2 Pieces
Buy: $5.99
Vintaj Natural Brass, Rectangle Pendant Blank 31.5x4mm, 2 Pieces
Buy: $2.99
Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks-Rectangles 32mmX15mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $6.63
Vintaj Vogue Pendant, Petite Rosemal Bezel 30mm, 1 Piece, Raw Brass
Buy: $3.49
Vintaj Natural Brass Stamping Pendant - Gathering Squirrel 16.5 x 12.5mm (1)
Buy: $2.95
Vintaj Metal Accents-Spring Green Leaves 22.5mmX9mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $6.28
DP138: Vintaj Natural Brass Compass Star Charm, 21.5mm
Buy: $3.95
Vintaj Natural Brass Long Tall Rectangle Flower Stencil Pendant 48mm (1)
Buy: $3.45
Vintaj Metal Accents-Acorn 12.5mm 3/Pkg - 3 Pack
Buy: $11.97
Vintaj Natural Brass 4x3mm Small Cable Chain - Sold By The Foot
Buy: $4.99
Vintaj Patina Kit Rusted Hardware-ea
Vintaj Metal Accents-Woodland Leaves 18mmX14mm 2/Pkg - 3 Pack
Buy: $14.97
 Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks 2/Pkg Square 29mm 813375018835
Buy: $6.34
Vintaj Metal Accents-Filigree & Flower 15.8mm & 25mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $7.31
Vintaj Artisan Copper, Rectangle Pendant Blank 23 Gauge Thick 41x8mm, 2 Pieces
Buy: $3.85
Vintaj Metal Accents-Filigree Rings 17mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $6.63
Vintaj Metal Altered Blanks-Small Circles 25.5mm 2/Pkg - 6 Pack
Buy: $17.94
P150: Vintaj Natural Brass Filigree Butterfly Pendant, 38mm x 46mm
Buy: $5.95
Vintaj Metal Accents-Butterflies 19mmX15mm 2/Pkg - 3 Pack
Buy: $10.47
Vintaj Metal Altered Blank-Rectangle Bracelet 40mmX23mm 1/Pkg - 3 Pack
Buy: $11.97
 Vintaj Metal Accents Woodland Leaves 18mmX14mm 2/Pkg 813375014936
Buy: $5.66
Vintaj Metal Accents-Busy Bees 13mmX17mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $6.28
Vintaj Metal Accents-Alchemy 44mmX24mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $7.99
 Vintaj Metal Accents Acorn 12.5mm 3/Pkg 813375011423
Buy: $4.95
Vintaj Metal Accents-Delicate Hearts 19mmX18mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $6.63
Vintaj Metal Clasps-Classic Lobster 15mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $7.17
DP120: Vintaj Natural Brass Busy Bee Charms, 13mm x 17mm - Pair
Buy: $3.95
Vintaj Metal Accents-Metamorphosis 35mmX12.5mm 2/Pkg
Buy: $7.17
Vintaj Metal Accents-Classic Nouveau Leaf 17mmX16mm 1/Pkg
Buy: $6.28
Vintaj Metal Ear Wires-French 20mmX10mm 6/Pkg
Buy: $7.74
DP0010: Vintaj Natural Brass Sunflower Charms, 16.5mm - Pair
Buy: $3.95
Vintaj Metal Bezel-Oval 30mmX24mm 1/Pkg
Buy: $6.63