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Robert Indiana Quiet the Dove signed by indiana 1996 mint condition free to ship
Robert Indiana  Thirst rare signed and numbered poem limited edition of only 200
Robert Indiana - Love Poster - Vintage Mint Set of 6 Stamps 45 Years Old!
Robert Indiana-New York City Center-1968 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana Original "Love is God"
Robert Indiana-Polygon: Square (Number Four)-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Parrot-1997 Serigraph
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The Mother of Us All Robert Indiana Pop Art Lithograph 1967 Original Framed
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Robert Indiana-The American Gas Works-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Hirshhorn-1974 Lithograph
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Robert Indiana-The Santa Fe Opera-1976 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Colby College Art Musuem-1973 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-LOVE (Red, Blue, Green)-1967 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-LOVE-Stable-1971 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Love-2018 Giclee
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Robert Indiana-Decade Auto-Portrait (1969)-1997 Serigraph
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Vote for Nixon - NEW Political Poster
Photo: Donn M. Roberts,1867-1936,Mayor of Terre Haute,Indiana
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Robert Indiana-New York State Theater, Lincoln Center-1964 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-The Calumet-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Atlanta-ART-1972 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-The Wall-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-The Wall-1990 Lithograph
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Robert Indiana-The Figure Five-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana  Love Stable 1966 Offset Lithograph Unsigned  16x11 PP
Robert Indiana Poster for New York State Theater Opening 16X11 LC
Robert Indiana-To the Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge)-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana 76 Bicentennial Symbol -Vintage Iconic Imagery 1976 17x14 AMD
Robert Indiana-Die Deutsche Liebe (The German Love)-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Mississippi-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Number Two Green and Blue-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Portland Symphony Orchestra 50th Anniversary-1974 Serigraph
Photo: Robert Owen's plan,New Harmony,Indiana,IN,Posey County
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Robert Indiana-Yield Brother #2-1997 Serigraph
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General Robert S Foster,Colonel 13th Indiana Infantry,Union soldier,uniform,1860
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Robert Indiana "Santa Fe Opera" large silkscreen
Robert Indiana-God Is Lily of the Valley-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-The Mother of Us All Opera-1977 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-Black Diamond American Dream #2-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-The President-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-The New Glory Penny-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana-New Glory Banner I-1997 Serigraph
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Robert Indiana Pop Art Poster of The Figure  Five  Unsigned  17x12
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Large Signed, Framed 1970 Robert Indiana Serigraph, Indianapolis Museum of Art
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69 Skid Row, Limted Edition Lithograph, Robert Indiana