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Milwaukee 2217-20 Digital Multimeter <br/> Free Shipping + Full Factory Warranty
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Craftsman Multimeter, Digital, with 8 Functions and 20 Ranges 34-82141
Klein Tools 200A AC Hook Meter CL3100 AC/DC Voltage Multimeter Clampmeter <br/> BLOWOUT SALE. OVER 80% OFF.  LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Craftsman Multimeter, Digital, with 8 Functions and 20 Ranges
Craftsman Digital Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter Voltmeter Ohmeter 34-82141
7 Fn Digital Multimeter AC DC Voltage Volt 10 Amp Current Resistance Ohm Meter
Buy: $5.45
Fieldpiece SC420 400A Essential Clamp Meter with Temperature
Auto Range Digital Multimeter DC AC Current Volt Capacitance Resistance Tester
Buy: $19.99
UNI-T UT125C Handheld Auto Range OHM AMP Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Tester
Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Clamp Meter Auto-Ranging Multimeter  AC/DC voltmeter
New VC99 3 6/7 Auto Range Digital Multimeter Thermomete Capacitance Resistance
Mini Pocket Digital Multimeter Ohm DMM Multi Tester Amp Volt Meter Diode Continu
Buy: $14.01
MS2108A 4000 AC DC Clamp Meter 1000V 400A analog bar max Frq Cap CATIII vs FLUKE
Buy: $43.14
Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter US Seller
Buy: $7.95
DMM VICHY VC97 Auto Range Digital Multimeter Meter
Digital Multimeter Multi Tester Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter with LCD Back Light <br/> AC / DC Voltage DC Current Resistance Continuity Diodes
Craftsman Digital Multimeter Current Vol Tester Meter Ohmmeter (34-82141)
Buy: $19.19
Fluke 101 Handheld and Easily Carried  Multimeter Meter Tester
Buy: $48.98
Buy: $200.0
Fieldpiece SC640 400A True RMS Loaded Clamp Meter TRMS
Milwaukee 2217-20 True RMS Multimeter
Buy: $55.0
Fluke 177 True RMS Digital Multimeter with Backlight, (177/ESFP) - NEW <br/> FREE Fluke C50 Meter Case with BUY IT NOW only
Buy: $249.99
Buy: $19.9
New Craftsman 8 Function Digital Multimeter with 20 Ranges - 34-82141
Milwaukee 2220-20 4pc Electrical Test and Measurement Combo Kit New <br/> 99.9%fb-Auth Seller-Warranty-Free Ship-$$ Back Guar
Buy: $189.0
Fieldpiece SC660 400A True RMS Loaded Wireless Clamp Meter TRMS
Digital Multimeter - 7 Function - AC DC Voltage Current Resistance Tester Meter
CENTECH 7 Function Digital Multimeter Meter 69096 / 98025 / 90899  ***NEW***
Fluke 376 FC Wireless True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter i2500-18 iFlex Flex Cable New
Buy: $358.95
Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Megger MegOhm Meter 1000V 0.1~2000MΩ VC60B+
Fieldpiece SC660 400A True RMS Loaded Wireless Clamp Meter TRMS
Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter  *NEW*  - MSRP 995
Brand New and Sealed Klein Tools MM400 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter
FLIR CM174 Clamp Meter with Built-In Thermal Imager W/ Leads
Digital DT9205A Multimeter LCD AC/DC Ammeter Resistance Capacitance Tester
Milwaukee 2235-20 CLAMP METER 400 AMP <br/> Free Shipping + Full Factory Warranty
Buy: $104.99
Klein CL1000 400 Amp AC Digital Clamp Meter
New Fluke 116/323 KIT Hvac Multimeter And Clamp Meter Combo Kit
Buy: $238.19
U2008A Digital Handheld Clamp Multimeter Tester Meter DMM CE AC DC Volt Amp 600V
Buy: $25.65
FLUKE 376 FC True RMS AC DC Clamp Meter Multimeter with Test Lead Probes
$180.0 - 2 bids
Snap-On Red Clamp Multimeter EEDM575D HVAC Volts Amps CATIII Test Leads Clips **
PRO Digital Multimeter Fluke Meter Volt Tester Electric OHM AC DC RMS Auto Range
IDEAL Megohmmeter 61-795 Hand-held Insulation Tester New
Digital Voltmeter Ohmmeter Multimeter Auto Ranging AC DC Current Tester Meter US
Buy: $19.99
UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter
Buy: $68.38
Klein Tools 600A AC Auto-Ranging Digital Clamp Meter CL700
$41.0 - 22 bids
(1) HP 3468B Digital Multimeter 5.5 Digit Bench Top DMM  - ALL FUNCTIONS TESTED
Fluke 374 FC Wireless True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter Brand New
Actron CP7665 AutoAnalyzer - Digital Automotive Multimeter
Buy: $8.11
EarMe Digital Multimeter,8233D PRO 2000,2000μF Capacitance 200KHz Frequency
Buy: $7.04
Digital Multimeter Autoranging Capacitance 1999 Counts Backlight CAT II Tester
Buy: $17.33
UNI-T UT216C 600A True RMS Digital Clamp Meters
Buy: $57.8
Fluke 1507 Digital Megohmmeter Insulation Resistance Tester
Buy: $450.0
Digital Clamp Meter Ammeter Multimeter DMM+Capacitor Tester+K Thermocouple HVAC
Buy: $495.0
Flir DM93 True RMS Industrial Multimeter
Multimeter,Auto-Ranging Digital Clamp Meter ,Multimeter AC/DC voltmeter with
Buy: $21.11
IDEAL - 61-765 TightSight Clamp Meter 660Amp AC/DC  With TRMS
Buy: $245.0
True RMS AC/DC Current Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter 2000Counts UNI-T UT210E US
Buy: $45.59
Craftsman Multimeter, Digital, with 8 Functions and 20 Ranges 34-82141
PEAKMETER Authorized PM2018A Digital Clamp Meter Ammeter Voltage Ohm Multimeter
Buy: $25.21
LCD Auto Range Digital Multimeter Buzz AC DC Volt Amp OHM Temp Tester US Ship
EXTECH EX520 Digital Multimeter, 20A, 1000V <br/> Free Shipping
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U1282A Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4.5 Digit 800 Hour Battery, USB interface.
Buy: $400.0
UNI-T UT139C True RMS LCD Digital Auto Range Multimeter AC/DC Tester Meter
HP-3440A Digital Voltmeter, 3443A, 3444A Plug-ins, K01-3440A Service Extender
Buy: $225.0
Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter AC DC Voltmeter Auto Range Volt Ohm Amp Tester
Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Megger MegOhm Meter 1000V 0.1~2000MΩ VC60B+
Buy: $38.99
Fluke Carry Case for Test Tools C35 <br/> Free Shipping + Full Factory Warranty
Buy: $25.63
Tacklife DM01M Advanced Digital Multimeter Trms 6000 Counts Tester Non Contact
Buy: $22.3
7 Function Digital Multimeter Leads Electrical Circuit Test Meter Detector Tool
Buy: $4.62
Power Gear Multimeter, Analog 14 Range 6-Function Non-Recording, Yellow 50952
Buy: $6.63
Fluke 89 IV 89IV Multimeter True RMS / With Case For Parts Pls Read
Fluke 110 Plus Essential Multimeter True-rms (772343)
Fluke 8840A Digital Multimeter 5.5 Digit
UNI-T  UT210E Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Handheld RMS AC/DC Mini Resistanc
Craftsman Multi Meter , Digital , With 8 Functions and 20 Ranges 34-82141   NEW
Buy: $18.49
5 Function Digital Clamp-On Electrical Multimeter Electric Tester LCD Display
Buy: $50.0
Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter
Buy: $116.5
Fluke T6-1000 Electrical Tester with Fieldsense
Buy: $224.99
Vintage RCA WV-98C Senior VoltOhmyst Meter USED TESTED WORKING
Precision Milli Ohm Meter, Extech, 380560 <br/> Free Shipping
Buy: $509.01
Craftsman Professional True RMS Industrial MultiMeter - 82003
250/500/1000V Digital Insulation Resistance Tester VC60B + Megger MegOhm Meter
Buy: $35.99
PRO Digital Multimeter Fluke Meter Volt Tester Electric OHM AC DC RMS Auto Range
Buy: $25.49
Mini Tweezers Smart SMD RC Resistance Capacitance Diode Tester MS8910 Auto Scan
FLIR Extech Instruments EX505 11 Function HeavyDutyTrue RMS Indust MultiMeter
Buy: $90.0
Multimeter Digital Meter Amp Ohm Voltmeter Tester Fluke Batter Auto Lcd Ac/Dc
Milwaukee 49-77-1001 Electrical Test Lead Set
Buy: $120.0
Fluke C35 Polyester Soft Carrying Case
Buy: $29.31
Digital LCD Disaplay Clamp AC/DC Multimeter Amp Volt Meter Resistance Tester
Buy: $16.04
Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter Amp Ohm Volt Meter Continuity Test <br/> CE Approved✔1 Year Warranty✔Multi Tester w/ Diode✔
Buy: $14.99
Keithley 2100/120 DMM 6 & 1/2 Digit Digital Benchtop Multimeter w/ USB
KLEIN TOOLS MM700 Digital Multimeter,LCD,40 megohm,TRMS G6638418 Brand New.
NEW! IDEAL 61-342 Test Pro CAT III  Multimeter w/TRMS Temp Capacitance Backlight
Neoteck Pocket Digital Multimeter NTK017 *New open box.
Buy: $19.95
Fluke TPLUS Pro Electrical Tester
Fluke 11 Multimeter Calibrated New Battery & Probes