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Craftsman Digital Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter Voltmeter Ohmeter 34-82141
NEW Retail Fluke True RMS Clamp Meter Model 324 4152637 Electric  FLUKE-324 case
UNI-T UT125C Handheld Auto Range OHM AMP Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Tester
Klein Tools 200A AC Hook Meter CL3100 AC/DC Voltage Multimeter Clampmeter <br/> BLOWOUT SALE. OVER 80% OFF.  LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Fluke 376 FC Wireless True RMS 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter i2500-18 iFlex Flex Cable
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7 Fn Digital Multimeter AC DC Voltage Volt 10 Amp Current Resistance Ohm Meter
Buy: $5.45
UNI-T UT210E True RMS AC/DC Current Clamp Meter w/ Capacitance Tester Handheld <br/> Fast Shiping / Brand New / Multimeter / Mini / Portable
Buy: $45.49
Handheld Mini Digital Multimeter AC DC Volt DC Current Resistance Folding Tester
Buy: $13.99
Digital Multimeter Multi Tester Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter with LCD Back Light <br/> AC / DC Voltage DC Current Resistance Continuity Diodes
Craftsman Multimeter, Digital, with 8 Functions and 20 Ranges
Klein CL1000 400 Amp AC Digital Clamp Meter --*Z*
Senit Voltmeter Ohmmeter Ammeter Multimeter OHM DC AC Voltage Current Tester +
Buy: $9.96
UNI-T  UT210E Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Handheld RMS AC/DC Mini Resistanc
Klein Tools 600A AC Auto-Ranging Digital Clamp Meter CL700
TOUGS M202 True-RMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Electricians Multi Tester
Buy: $13.19
Fluke 101 Handheld and Easily Carried  Multimeter Meter Tester
UEi Test Instruments DL479, AC 600A True RMS HVAC/R Clamp Meter
DMM VICHY VC97 Auto Range Digital Multimeter Meter
Digital DT9205A Multimeter LCD AC/DC Ammeter Resistance Capacitance Tester Meter
IDEAL 400 AAC Clamp Meter 61-736 True RMS, Non-Contact Voltage
$25.0 - 1 bid
Digital Multimeter,TRMS 6000 Counts,Thsinde Auto and Manual Ranging
Buy: $22.54
Milwaukee 2217-20 Digital Multimeter <br/> Free Shipping + Full Factory Warranty
Buy: $129.99
Milwaukee Clamp Meter True RMS 400 Amps Test Measure #2235-20
$42.0 - 4 bids
Simpson 260 Series 7 Volt-Ohm Milliammeter 1000V Ac/Dc 10-A Dc 10K Resistance
Milwaukee 2236-20 Clamp Meter for HVAC/R
Buy: $129.99
Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Clamp Meter Auto-Ranging Multimeter  AC/DC voltmeter
Simpson 260 Series-7 Volt-Ohm Milliammeter 1000VAc/Dc 10-ADc 10K Ohms Hard Case
Buy: $199.0
Fluke 116/323 HVAC Combo Kit   **New in Box**    MSRP $285
Dr.meter PM2016S Smart Digital Clamp Meter AutoRanging Multimeter Voltage Tester
Buy: $19.99
$139.95 - 1 bid
New Vici VC99 3 6/7 Auto range digital multimeter with bag and Lead USA Ship
Buy: $19.9
HP Hewlett Packard 3468A Multimeter Digital Benchtop Portable Lab Unit
Klein Tools 400 Amp AC True RMS Auto-Ranging Digital Clamp Meter-CL310
Buy: $66.0
Klein Tools 400A AC Auto-Ranging Digital Clamp Meter - (CL210) *Brand New*
Buy: $39.99
Digital Clamp On Meter Multimeter AC DC Voltmeter Auto Range Volt Ohm Amp Tester
Fluke 117 Electrician's Digital Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage
$82.0 - 16 bids
Craftsman 8 Function Digital Multimeter + Battery Volt AC DC Tester Voltmeter
Buy: $19.96
UNIT UT210E Handheld RMS AC/DC Mini Digital Clamp Meter Resistance Capacitance
Buy: $14.99
$50.0 - 1 bid
NEW  Klein Tools CL110KIT Electrical Maintenance and Test Kit
Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter Pocket Portable Meter Equipment Industrial US stock
Digital Multimeter Autoranging Capacitance 1999 Counts Backlight CAT II Tester
Buy: $19.5
Milwaukee 2235-20 400 Amp Clamp Meter - IN STOCK
New In Package Milwaukee 2205-20 Fork Meter Milwaukee Tool
VC99 3 6/7 Auto Range Digital Multimeter Resistance Thermometer Capacitance
$7.5 - 11 bids
Digital Multimeter,20A,1000V EXTECH EX520 <br/> Free Shipping
Buy: $179.99
UNI-T UT139C True RMS LCD Digital Auto Range Multimeter AC/DC Tester Meter
USA Seller VC480C+ multimeter Digital Milliohmmeter accuracy include batteries
Cen-Tech 7 Function Digital Multimeter ( NEW  IN  PACKAGE)
$2.2 - 1 bid
Keithley Model 175 Autoranging Multimeter
Multimeter Digital Meter Amp Ohm Voltmeter Tester Fluke Battery Extra Cable NEW
Mini Tweezers Smart SMD RC Resistance Capacitance Diode Tester MS8910 Auto Scan
Southwire 21030T True RMS Clamp Meter CAT III 600V multimeter AC DC OHM 400A AMP
$23.1 - 1 bid
DT9205A Digital LCD Multimeter AC/DC Ammeter Resistance Capacitance Tester
Auto-range Digital Multimeter AC/DC Volt Amp Ohm Temp Resistance Test Detector
Digital Multimeter w/ Temperature AC/DC Voltage Tester Current Resistance Tester
Buy: $4.69
Fluke Carry Case for Test Tools C35 <br/> Free Shipping + Full Factory Warranty
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PEAKMETER Authorized PM2018A Digital Clamp Meter Ammeter Voltage Ohm Multimeter
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UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter
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US Seller Tweezers Capacitance Resistance Diode Test Tester Pen Multim
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Pen Type Digital Mulitimeter Autorange Handheld LCD DMM AC DC Volt Tester
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VC99 3 6/7 Auto Range Digital Multimeter Resistance Thermometer Capacitance
Buy: $28.69
True-RMS Digital Multimeter Auto-Ranging 9999 Counts Pocket Multi Tester with
Buy: $12.89
MS2108A 4000 AC DC Clamp Meter 1000V 400A analog bar max Frq Cap CATIII
Buy: $43.14
DT3266L Multimeter Digital Clamp Meter Voltage Current Resistance Tester
Buy: $6.85
Digital Clamp Meter Testing,UYIGAO 6000 Counts Auto-ranging Multimeter with
Buy: $11.42
ANENG Q1 True-RMS Digital Multimeter Button 9999 Counts + Analog Bar Graph US
Buy: $35.99
Cen-Tech 63759 Digital MultiMeter Electronic Volt Tester Electrical Testing Tool
Buy: $4.39
Sperry Voltage Detector Non Contact VD6505
U2008A Digital Handheld Clamp Multimeter Tester Meter DMM CE AC DC Volt Amp 600V
Buy: $22.47
Milwaukee 49-77-1004 INDUSTRIAL TEST PROBE SET <br/> Free Shipping + Full Factory Warranty
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Mastech MS8268 Series Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter
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Centech 7 Function Digital Multimeter Electrical Electronic Auto Voltage Current
LCD Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Multimeter Volt AC DC Resistance Tester
Buy: $7.81
UNI-T UT501A 1000V Insulation Resistance Meter Ground Tester Megohmmeter Voltmet
DT201D True RMS AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter Tester 1000A 1000V 2000Ω LCD Screen
Buy: $27.45
Amprobe AC75B Clamp meter
Mastech MAS830 Digital Multimeter
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Southwire 14070T TechnicianPRO True RMS CAT IV Multimeter - NEW, Sealed!
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Multimeters & Analyzers Topone LCD Digital Ohm VOLT Meter AC DC Voltmeter
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Southwire 1000A AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter (Model 22070T) *NEW
Digital Multimeter,750V,10A,40 MOhms AMPROBE 37XR-A <br/> Free Shipping
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Cen-Tech Digital 7 Function Multimeter Electronic Test Equipment Circuit Testing
UEI DL379 G2 PHOENIX PRO DL379- Good Used Condition!!!
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Klein Tools CL600 AC Auto-Ranging 600 Amp Digital Clamp Meter
NIB Radio Shack 15-Range Digital Multimeter 22-182 New In Box with 12V battery
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Digital Multimeter Fluke Meter Amp Ohm Voltmeter AutoRange Volt Tester AC DC New
Buy: $12.83
LCD Digital AC/DC Voltmeter Volt Resistance Multimeter OHM Current Tester Meter
Buy: $4.99
AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter
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Fluke Model 12 Multimeter With OEM Fluke Leads 
Fluke 27 Multimeter
NEW! Southwire 1000A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter 22070T Factory Sealed Packaging!
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NEW Southwire 22070T Digital Clamp Meter 1000A 600V AC/DC True RMS Meter 
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Digital LCD Screen Multimeter Electrical Meter Diode Battery Tester CAT II 250V
Buy: $9.99
Battery Operated Megohmmeter,1000VDC EXTECH MG310 <br/> Free Shipping
Buy: $143.99
Digital Multimeter,600V,10A,40 MOhms MILWAUKEE 2216-20
Buy: $99.95
NEW  Klein Tools CL110KIT Electrical Maintenance and Test Kit
Fluke TPLUS Pro Electrical Tester