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James Gillray Etching Bohn Edition Knife Grinder
JAMES GILLRAY Antique Hand-Colored 19thC Engraving POLITICAL & SOCIAL SATIRE
James Gillray Etching Bohn Edition Georgey In The Coal Hole
James Gillray Hand Colored Etching "Posting In Ireland" "Posting In Scotland"
Britannia James Gillray 1852 Map England Caracture  George Morland <br/> 105% Moneyback If Not Delighted
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James Gillray Original colored etching / Print DESPAIR [1802] 1851 Henry G Bohn
Sandwich-Carrots!,James Gillray,1796,John Montagu,4th Earl of Sandwich
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Connoisseur examining,cooper,portraits,book illustrations,James Gillray,1851
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Visiting the sick,James Gillray,1806,Charles Fox,Mrs Fitzherbert,Prince of Wales
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Comfort of a Bed of Roses,James Gillray,1806,Charles Fox,Napoleon,William Pitt
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Photo:Napolean,St Cloud,Paris,France,1799,James Gillray
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Anacreontick's in Full Song,Aquatints,British Cartoon,England,1801,James Gillray
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James Gillray,caricaturist,cartoonist,artists,printmaker,satires,political,1800
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Stealing off; - or - prudent Secession,James Gillray,1798,Charles Fox,MA Taylor
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Photo:The Union Club,British Cartoon,England,James Gillray,Drunken Debauch
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