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Catwings <br/> by Ursula K Le Guin | Library Binding
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Is Milton Missing?: Story <br/> by Steven Kroll | Library Binding
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The Cruisers & Checkmate by Walter Dean Myers Unabridged CD 2 Books for 1 Price
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Paddington's Storybook By Michael Bond - 1984 First Edition - Hardcover - Vtg
Bunnicula <br/> by Deborah Howe, James Howe | Library Binding
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The Wishing Tree by Ruth Chew
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Shaken Up (The Kicks Book 5) by Morgan, Alex-Brand New Hardback
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Henry Hudson-by Syme, Ronald 1967 Morrow publisher - Ex Library
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Classic Seuss)  (ExLib) by Dr. Seuss <br/> by Dr. Seuss | HC | VeryGood
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Adam and Eve (People of the Bible) <br/> by Catherine Storr | Library Binding
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Yummers! Paperback James Marshall <br/> Free US Delivery | ISBN: 0395395909
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How Now, Brown Cow? <br/> by Alice Schertle | Library Binding
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The Butter Battle Book (Turtleback School &amp; Librar <br/> by Dr. Seuss | School 1amp;amp; Library Binding
Buy: $4.89
Iktomi and the Boulder <br/> by Paul Goble | Library Binding
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A Story of a Tinker and a Wonderful Pan Japanese Children Book Exlibrary Moichi
Mop, Moondance and the Nagasaki Knights by Walter Dean Myers (1992, Hardcover)
Sounder Hardcover William Howard Armstrong <br/> Free US Delivery
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Manana, Iguana Picture Book Ann Whitford Paul Paperback
The Toy Brother by William Steig (1996, First Edition Hardcover) EUC, Free Ship
Buy: $28.8
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything <br/> by Linda Williams | Library Binding
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City of Angels : In and Around Los Angeles  (ExLib) by Julie Jaskol; Brian Lewis
The Insomniacs Hardcover Karina Wolf <br/> Free US Delivery
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Blood Water Paint Hardcover Joy McCullough <br/> Free US Delivery
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How to Kill a Monster (Goosebumps (Sagebrush)) <br/> by R. L. Stine | Library Binding
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Suki and the Old Umbrella (Suki (Providence House) ~ Joyce Blackburn ~ HC G
Real Friends Paperback Shannon Hale <br/> Free US Delivery
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Ella Enchanted (Turtleback School &amp; Library Bindin <br/> by Gail Carson Levine | School 1amp;amp; Library B
Buy: $4.89
Big Game Hardcover Connie-lee Mcneice
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson - Lord - Ex-Library School Hardcover
The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena (Goosebumps) <br/> by R. L. Stine | Library Binding
Buy: $4.89
The Sneetches and Other Stories (Classic Seuss) <br/> by Dr. Seuss | Library Binding
Buy: $5.93
The Secret (Fear Street Saga Trilogy, No. 2) <br/> by R. L. Stine | School 1amp;amp; Library Binding
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A Dark Dark Tale <br/> by Ruth Brown | Library Binding
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Encyclopedia Brown hardcover book lot of 3- 1969 1975 1973
Sayonara Mama Tadaima Mama Japanese Children Book Exlibrary 1992 1st ED Vintage
Lot of 2 Miracle on 34th Street & Children of the Earth & Sky Ex-Library HC
Cattle Drive Tom Logan Series by  Edna Walker Chandler from 1966
Undead Girl Gang Razorbill by Lily Anderson
The Chimney Witches Victoria Whitehead Japanese Kids Book 1995 1st Vintage
One Day in the Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Tree Hardcover Daniel Bernstrom <br/> Free US Delivery
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Days of Blood and Starlight Hardcover Laini Taylor <br/> Free US Delivery
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Different Kind Of Sister 1st Ed 1968 Pamela Reynolds HCDJ VG Juvenile Free Ship
Energy from Oceans and Moving Water : Hydroelectric, Wave, and Tidal Power
The Phantom Tollbooth <br/> by Norton Juster | Library Binding
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Dos Ranas Hardcover Chris Wormell
Vintage Dragons/Dragons by D.L. Hubbard 1967 Hardcover Childrens Book
Favourite Fairy Tales Told in Sweden Hardcover Virginia Haviland <br/> Free US Delivery
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The Snow Leopard Hardcover Jackie Morris <br/> Free US Delivery
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A Long Walk to Water : Based on a True Story  (ExLib) <br/> by Linda Sue Park; Ginger Knowlton | PB | Good
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The Mitten Hardcover Jim Aylesworth <br/> Free US Delivery
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The Little Scarecrow Boy <br/> by Margaret Wise Brown | Library Binding
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The Kid in the Red Jacket - Barbara Park - Paperback Softcover
Fireflies! Hardcover Julie Brinckloe <br/> Free US Delivery
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Rapunzel Hardcover Barbara Rogasky <br/> Free US Delivery
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Fossa  A Fearsome Predator  Uncommon Animals  <br/> by Meish Goldish | Library Binding
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Ribsy <br/> by Beverly Cleary | Library Binding
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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edi <br/> by J. K. Rowling | School 1amp;amp; Library Bindin
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Everbound Hardcover Brodi Ashton <br/> Free US Delivery
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Black Reckoning Hardcover John Stephens <br/> Free US Delivery
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Detective Camp (Turtleback School &amp; Library Bindin <br/> by Ron Roy | Library Binding
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Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett  <br/> by Jan Brett | Library Binding
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Garfield Makes It Big (Turtleback School &amp; Library <br/> by Jim Davis | School 1amp;amp; Library Binding
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Darke Hardcover Angie Sage <br/> Free US Delivery
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Pedro the Brave by Broadley, L. <br/> Free US Delivery | ISBN: 0613565673
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The Quest of the Cubs Bears of the Ice #1 Hardcover Kathryn Lasky <br/> Free US Delivery
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Perfect Hardcover Ellen Hopkins <br/> Free US Delivery
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American Tall Tales (Turtleback School &amp; Library B <br/> by Adrien Stoutenburg | School 1amp;amp; Library B
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The Society Paperback Jodie Andrefski <br/> Free US Delivery
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Seedfolks (Turtleback School &amp; Library Binding Edi <br/> by Paul Fleischman | School 1amp;amp; Library Bind
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Saving Fiona: The Story of the World's Most Famous Baby Hippo Thane Maynard <br/> Free US Delivery
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Hot and Cold  Tadpole  Opposites  <br/> by Erica Donner | Library Binding
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Falling Up <br/> by Shel Silverstein | Library Binding
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Walrus' Adventure in Alphabet Town Paperback Janet Riehecky <br/> Free US Delivery
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Earthrise : My Adventures As an Apollo 14 Astronaut Hardcover Ellen Mahoney <br/> Free US Delivery
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The Squeaky Door by MacDonald, Margaret Read  <br/> Free US Delivery | ISBN: 0060283742
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Possum Come A-Knockin (Turtleback School &amp; Librar <br/> by Nancy Van Laan | School 1amp;amp; Library Bindi
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Our Planet Earth (Scholastic First Encyclopedia) <br/> by Claire Llewellyn | Library Binding
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The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror <br/> by Daniel Manus Pinkwater | Library Binding
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Theres Something in My Attic <br/> by Mercer Mayer | Library Binding
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My Middle Child, There's No One Like You Hardcover Kevin Leman <br/> Free US Delivery
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Superman Hardcover James Robinson <br/> Free US Delivery
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Things I Can Make with Stones Hardcover Sabine Lohf <br/> Free US Delivery
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The Christmas Bird  (ExLib) by Bernadette Watts <br/> by Bernadette Watts | HC | Good
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The Silver Gate  (ExLib) by Kristin Bailey <br/> by Kristin Bailey | HC | LikeNew
Buy: $4.14
Elfangors Secret (Animorphs Megamorphs (Prebound) <br/> by Katherine A. Applegate | School 1amp;amp; Libra
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McDuff Saves the Day Hardcover Rosemary Wells <br/> Free US Delivery
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Lot Of 10 Scholastic Books Levels V W And X Has Old Yeller Grimm Legacy And More
The Last of the Mohicans - James Fenimore Cooper - Ex-Library Abridged Paperback
Understanding Greek Myths by Hyde, Natalie <br/> Free US Delivery | ISBN: 0778745090
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Danny and the Dinosaur <br/> by Syd Hoff | Library Binding
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Snow  Weather Wise  <br/> by Helen Cox Cannons | Library Binding
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A Is For Angry: An Animal And Adjective Alphabet ( <br/> by Sandra Boynton | School 1amp;amp; Library Bindi
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The Outliers Hardcover Kimberly McCreight <br/> Free US Delivery | ISBN: 0062359096
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The Ice Bear Hardcover Jackie Morris <br/> Free US Delivery
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Rattletrap Car  (ExLib) by Phyllis Root <br/> by Phyllis Root | HC | Acceptable
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Mae West (American Women of Achievement) <br/> by Carol Bergman | Library Binding
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Handel at the Court of Kings 1943
Can You See What I See? Nature by Wick, Walter <br/> Free US Delivery | ISBN: 0439862264
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Whats Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew? (AV2 Fiction Re <br/> by Robert E. Wells | Library Binding
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Hattie Big Sky <br/> by Kirby Larson | Library Binding
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