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Elgeet 1" F1.5 C Mount Cinema Lens for Bolex Cameras 3
Vintage P.Angenieux f/ 12-120mm 1:2.2 Zoom Lens C-mount Type 10X12 B
Vintage Elgeet 8mm f:1.5 WIDE ANGLE Navitar Lens C-mount Paris
Elgeet 38mm f/1.5 Cine Tel D-Mount Lens
Buy: $30.55
Elgeet 3 Inch 75mm f1.9 Cine Navitar Motion Picture Cine Lens for S Mount RA84
Buy: $119.99
Vintage ELGEET 13mm WIDE ANGLE f/1.5 Lens "C" Mount Good condition
Elgeet Rochester 4" f/2.7 Cine-Tel Lens - With Case & Lens Caps
Elgeet Cinematar 1.5" (38mm) f/3.5 telephoto lens, #C3735, excel., extras below.
Buy: $15.95
Elgeet 1 1/2 Inch f1.9 Cine Navitar Lens, Made In USA
Buy: $65.0
Elgeet 13mm F/1.5 Wide Angle Lens with C Mount - RUSSIAN LENS COLLECTION
Elgeet Cine Navitar 6" inch f/3.8 S mount lens BMPCC Bolex
Elgeet Cine Navitar 6" inch f/3.8 S Mount Lens BMPCC Bolex (Good Condition)
ELGEET  6 inch  f : 3.8  Cine Navitar  Camera Lens SN A1190 Used
Kern Palliard Yvar 12.5mm 2.5 & Elgeet 1 1/2" Cinematar D-Mount lenses for 8mm
Elgeet 4" f2.7 Cine-Tele C Mount For Paillard Bolex - Vintage 4
Vintage ELGEET CINEMATAR TELEPHOTO For Brownie f/1.9 Lenses Filters MINT
Elgeet 1 Inch f 1.9 LENS, 3 Inch lens piece and Leather Case
DeJur Elgeet 8 MM Film Movie Projector Lens F:1.6 Needs Cleaned antique vintage
Vintage Keystone Elgeet 1/2" Inch f:2.5 Lens
IN BOX CLEAN! Elgeet Cinematar Lens Vintage BROWNIE MOVIE CAMERA f:1.9 f:2.7
Ilex Elgeet no. 3 X Universal Shutter
Buy: $40.0
Vintage Elgeet no. 2175 38 mm f:3.3 Cine Tel Camera Lens with Case
Elgeet Navitar 12mm f1.2 c-mount
= Elgeet 1 1/2 " 1.5 Inch f 3.5 Cine-Tel D Mount Camera Lens Bolex Beulieu
KEYSTONE-ELGEET Lens 1/2" f/2.3 - 21.5mm - OR IV FILTER
Keystone Elgeet Cine Lens 1/2" Half Inch F1.9
Elgeet 8mm f1.5 Navitar without mount  #6030
Elgeet 35mm f2 Cine-Navitar NEX mount  #1041
Elgeet 1in f1.5 C mount  #4087
Elgeet Militar 3in (76mm) f2.8 Nikon SLR mount  #2316
Elgeet 25mm f1.9 C mount  #C7992
Elgeet 4in f2.7 Cine-Tel Nikon SLR mount  #A1438
Elgeet 38mm f1.5 Cine Tel D mount  #Y2952
Elgeet 8mm f1.5 Navitar without mount  #W8224
Elgeet 8mm f1.5 Navitar Arriflex standard mount  #W8204
Elgeet 25mm f1.9 C mount  #5332
Elgeet 51mm f4.5 Colorstigmat Lens Head  #1
Rare Elgeet No.386 C Mount Lens To Bell & Howell Filmo Sportster Camera Adapter
Elgeet Rochester 6" f/3.8 Cine Navitar Lens
Elgeet No.382 D Mount 5mm Macro Close Up Extension Tube Ring Spacer
Elgeet No.389 Conversion Adapter C Mount Lens To Bell & Howell Tri-Lens Cameras
NOS - Elgeet TTF85 Screw In Type A Color Conversion Filter 38mm Screw In
#UV8 Universal Adaper for CFX-8 Elgeet Cineflex  to most 8mm Camera Lenses  A3.3
Elgeet Cine-Tel 3" f/2.9 Cine-Tel Movie Lense
Buy: $99.99
Elgeet Rochester  C-Mount Lens - As Is 4" Cine-Tel F2.7
Buy: $204.0