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Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Doll: 9" Holiday Helpers Collection - Rudy Snowman
Vintage Cabbage Patch doll lot of 4
$33.0 - 4 bids
Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Doll: 9" Fantasy Friends Collection - Jewel Unicorn
Cabbage Patch Doll Lot of 2
$9.94 - 1 bid
Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Holiday Helpers Douglas Snowman Plush Doll 9”
Buy: $10.0
Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Hasbro doll Toddler Collection Boy
Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids CPK 25 Piece Puzzle 1984 Factory Sealed Bath Time
Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Doll: 9" Holiday Helpers Collection - Cocoa Reindeer
Original Cabbage Patch dolls vintage models with tags clothes & accessories
cabbage patch dolls vintage
Cabbage Patch Doll Brown Hair Green Eyes 13" Mattel 1995
Vintage 1984 Cabbage Patch Mini Poseable Doll PVC Figures Holding Baby Doll 3"Ta
Rare Cabbage patch pony lot of 2 In Great Condition Crimp & Shimmer
Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Doll: 9" Harvest Helpers Collection - Samantha Witch
Cabbage Patch Doll 1978 1982 xavier Roberts Signature E3 Blonde Blue Eye vintage
1978 Little People Soft Sculpture Doll Cabbage Patch Kid Xavier Roberts Red Hair <br/> Doll is in non-original clothing
$19.99 - 1 bid
Cabbage Patch Kids 9" Cuties Doll: 2018 Garden Party Collection - Sunny Ladybug
1984 Cabbage Patch PVC  3 Figures OAA 2 Babies and 1 Toddler
Buy: $6.75
Buy: $15.0
Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Babyland General Exclusive Pink Bunnybee #65
Buy: $19.99
Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Harvest Helpers Scully Skeleton #68  (Hard one to get)
Buy: $26.95
cabbage patch red head real hair doll green eyes Xavier Roberts Carrot top
!25 Vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls
Vintage 1980s Cabbage Patch Premie Baby W/ Adoption Certificate Signed Xavier
Cabbage Patch Kid Lion Mane Sweater Outfit
Vintage Playmates 6" Boy and Girl Doll #9055
Authentic Cabbage Patch Kids  - Girl Brown Hair, 1983 Black undated signature
Buy: $37.99
Cabbage patch kids Mini 1996 'kid
$15.99 - 1 bid
1995 Mini Cabbage Patch Kids Doll
Buy: $11.0
Vintage Lot CABBAGE PATCH CLOTHES Girl top skirt sneakers
1982 Cabbage Patch Kids Doll With Outfit
NEW Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Farm Friends Doll Shelby Sheep Brown Eyes NWT
 1984 Original Xavier Roberts 16" CABBAGE PATCH KID New w/Birth Cert 
Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimals Plush Pet Dog Bulldog
Cabbage Patch~Red Dress~White Eyelet Trims~White Ribbon Tie~J1
30th Anniversary Limited Edition Blonde Birthday Cabbage Patch Doll NIB
Cabbage Patch~Fairy Dress~Pink Yellow~Pink & Yellow Lace Trims~J1
Cabbage Patch~Peach Jumper~Pink White Jacket With White Ribbons~J1
Cabbage Patch Clothing~Jumpsuit With Straps~Blue~Onsie Shirt White Striped~K1
1983 Coleco Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Boy 
$25.0 - 1 bid
Cabbage Patch Kids Preemie Doll Bald Girl 1982 Brown Vintage pacifier binky
Cabbage Patch Clothing~Pants~White Seat Pink White Stripe Legs~White Shirt~K1
Two Used Vintage 1990"s plastic  Dolls
Buy: $0.99
Cabbage Patch~Plastic Shoes~White With Blue Stripes~White Laces~J1
Cabbage Patch Kids Toddler Collection Red Head 13" Baby Doll CPK 1992 Vintage
Little People Soft Face girl Sculpt 1984 Cabbage Patch Doll Blonde Green eyes
Cabbage Patch~White Shirt~Colorful Little Hearts~Blue Cloth Short Jumper~J1
Cabbage Patch~1984~2 Cabbage Patch 100 Piece Puzzles~16" x 11"~Brand New~G
1980's Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Koosas Plush Cat 14" Excellent Condition
Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Brown Hair Girl 1982 Vintage Original Diaper Earrings
Cabbage Patch Kids~1990 Pink Lunch Box~1990~16 Happy Meal Toy Figurines~Z4
Cabbage Patch Doll Toy Figure Lot (13) w Bed & Cradle Olympic Vintage 80s 90s
Cabbage Patch~Green Plaid Shirt~Short Blue Denim Jumper~CPK Label Pocket~J1
Cabbage Patch~Dress~Pleated~Multi Colored Stripes~Red Tights~J1
Cabbage Patch Kids Christening Church Wedding white satin Dress 2 pc. Outfit Set
Cabbage Patch Clothing~Pants~White Seat~~Matching Shirt~Yellow White Striped~K1
Cabbage Patch~Blue & White Striped Shirt~Blue Pants~J1
Cabbage Patch Clothing~1996~Olypikids~USA~Shirt~Shorts~Panties~Shoes Socks~N1
Cabbage Patch Kids Preemie Bald Doll Boy 1982 Vintage CPK Baby Carrier Original
Cabbage Patch Clothing~Pants Jacket~Yellow Corduroy~Jacket Buttons~Diaper~K1
Cabbage Patch Clothing~Circus Ring Master Outfit~Shirt~Pant~Red Velvet Jacket~N1
Collectible Taro Patch Girl Doll Hawaiian W Red Shirt Overalls Cloth Doll 13"
Cabbage Patch Kids~Red Shirt With A Head Of Cabbage Smiling~Red Satin Panties~K1
Cabbage Patch~2004~Appalachiart Artwork~Series 1~Sleep Over Collection~New~G
1985 Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas WUF DOG On Back PVC Figure
Cabbage Patch Kid Personalized Custom Birth Certificate Replica CPK
Cabbage Patch Clothing~1996~Olympikids~USA~Shirt~Shorts~Panties~Shoes~Socks~N1
Cabbage Patch Kids Underwear New Vintage 1980's Size 4 w/ Tags
Cabbage Patch Kids 1990 1st Edition Sheldon Red Hair Green Eyes Happy Birthday
Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas Vintage 1983 Brown Dog Plush Doll Orange White Body
Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts 8 Pack Friends Doll Figure Play Set Series 1
Cabbage Patch Kids Boy Doll Pacifier 1984 Coleco Green signature Sandy Blonde
Cabbage Patch~1983~Deluxe Paper Dolls~3 Dolls Stands~20 Outfits~Yarn Hair~Box~G
1985 Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas PUG Cat With Mouse PVC Figure
Cabbage Patch~1983~OAA Inc.~Diaper Bag~Quilted Bag~Cabbage Patch Featues~J1
1985 Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas WAG DOG With BONES PVC Figure
Cabbage Patch~Hair Clips~1 Pink~2 Yellow~New On Cardboard~J1
Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Coleco Porcelain Figure 1984 Blonde Puppy Kneeling Dress
1985 Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas ZIP Cat With Sneaker PVC Figure
Cabbage Patch Kids Coleco Brown Hair Eyes Boy Doll 17" Baby w Shoes Vintage 1982
Cabbage Patch Kids Boy Doll Bald Blue Eyes Vintage 80s Toy Coleco Tracksuit CPK
Vintage 1985 Cabbage Patch Doll New in Box
1985 Cabbage Patch Kids Koosas TIP Cat With Mice Pied Piper PVC Figure
Cabbage Patch Clothing~14" Long~Night Gown~Yellow White Lace~K1
CABBAGE PATCH KIDS  8” Girl Doll, Mattel 1995
Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids Lamp 1983 Original Appalachian Artworks
Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy Mini Play Set CPK New Sealed
Cabbage Patch~Assortment~10 Odd Shoes~Different Colors & Styles~J1
 Cabbage Patch Doll w/Clothes,Xavier Roberts,Red Hair/Green Eyes,2004,Play Along
Cabbage Patch Kids Coleco Boy Doll Sailor Outfit Baby Shoes Socks Vintage 1982
Cabbage Patch Doll~1984~Elwood Hanson~September~Birth Certificate~Original Box
Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Doll Coleco Olympic Girl Olympikids 1996 blonde green
Cabbage Patch~Assortment~Pink Skirt~Striped Swimsuit~Gray Joggers~Blue Shirt~J1
Cabbage Patch Clothing~White Blue American Girl Shirt~Red Skirt~Blue Shoe~Bow~CP
Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Doll Coleco Newborn Carseat bottle A/A ethnic 11’’ 2009’
1984 Cabbage Patch Kids Football Quarterback #31 Green PVC Figure
Cabbage Patch Kids Vintage 1982 Rare Face Boy Clown Teeth Dimples Blonde Blue
Cabbage Patch Kids~1984 Toothbrush On Stand~Jar For Cotton~Powder~Soap Case~Z4
Cabbage Patch~2008~13"~Play Along~25th Anniversary~Yellow Hair~2 Pink Outfits~N3