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Avenger 9" Baby Wall Mounting Plate with a 5/8" Spigot - SKU#1038949 
Buy: $18.98
Avenger_C-Stand - 20" - #3
Avenger Lowboy Junior 4ft Roller Lightstand,ChromeSteel #A5012
Buy: $220.99
Avenger E250 Long Double 5/8" Baby Pin SPIGOT ADAPTOR 16MM TO 16MM NEW
AVENGER Photography Video Studio Wheeled Telescoping Tripod Light Stand AO1004
Avenger A5033 Roller 33 Folding Base Stand A5033
Buy: $212.59
Avenger Midi Kit 7.8' Lightstand, Four Riser, Black Aluminum. #A625B
Buy: $99.88
Avenger 4 1/2" Jumbo Grip Head with a 1 1/8" Socket and a 1 1/8" Spigot. #D400
Buy: $74.88
Avenger 10'8" Black Anodized Aluminum Midi-Max Kit - SKU#1081024
Buy: $69.0
Avenger 10.75 feet C-Stand 33 Kit, Black Steel #A2033FCBKIT
Buy: $188.85
Avenger 14.76 feet Alu Black Combo Stand 45 #A1045B
Buy: $314.88
Avenger 13.5' Baby Alu Combo Boom Compact Lightstand, Black #A4041B
Buy: $267.88
Avenger A2033FCBKIT Steel 40-Inch Century Stand Grip Kit (Black)
Buy: $215.0
Avenger 9.8' C-Stand 30 Kit #A2030DCBKIT
Buy: $215.88
Avenger Long 5/8in. Double Stud E250
Buy: $9.95
Avenger 9.8' C-Stand 30 Kit, Chrome #A2030DKIT
Buy: $210.11
Avenger 3-Section 2-Riser Roller Stand 29 with Low Base, Chrome-Plated #A5029
Buy: $250.88
Avenger 5.75' C-Stand 18 with Sliding Leg, 2 Risers, Silver Chrome #A2018L
Buy: $147.88
Avenger Black Mini Boom Extends from 46" to 83". #D600CB
Buy: $124.88
Avenger 3 inch Baby Wall Mounting Plate #F810
Buy: $36.88
Avenger Grab Clamp with 5/8" Baby Bushing. #C339BB
Buy: $108.5
Used Avenger C500 Pelican Gaffer Grip
Buy: $64.99
Avenger Mini Turtle Base for Century C Stand, Black #A2007CB
Buy: $89.88
Avenger 8.17 feet Roller Stand 17, Chrome #A5017
Buy: $204.88
Avenger 10.76 feet C-Stand 33 Kit, Chrome #A2033LKIT
Buy: $195.88
Avenger_C-Stand - 40" - #1
Avenger 11.15' Roller Stand 34 Folding Base, 5 Sections, 4 Risers, Chrome #A5034
Buy: $294.88
Avenger 10.8ft Studio Roller Lightstand, Chrome Steel #A5033
Buy: $212.99
Avenger Lightweight Frame 6x6
Buy: $474.88
Avenger Pump Suction Cup with a 5/8" Baby Swivel Spigot. #F1000
Buy: $74.88
Avenger Quick Action Junior Pipe Clamp with 1-1/8" Bushing #C337
Buy: $98.88
Avenger C1000 Avenger Drop-Ceiling Scissor Clamp
Avenger 40" C-Stand, Silver Steel 33 Kit Stand #A2033FKIT
Buy: $195.88
Avenger Mini Turtle Base for Century C Stand, Silver #A2007
Buy: $85.88
Avenger Junior Boom Arm with CounterWeight, Chrome. #D650
Buy: $244.88
Avenger A2030D 9.8 feet C-Stand 30, Chrome Steel
Buy: $162.0
Avenger D500L - 20 C-Stand Extension Arm Silver
Buy: $39.88
BRAND NEW Avenger C-Stand (8.3', Chrome-plated) A2025F BRAND NEW
Buy: $146.0
Avenger Super Wind-up 40 Stand with Braked Wheels (12.6 ft.)
Buy: $1319.88
Avenger Grip Kit with Black Grip Head and Accessories, Soft Bag. #D800KIT
Buy: $103.48
Avenger H806EXT Kit of 4-2 Feet Tube Fits to 6 Fabrics
Buy: $154.88
Pair of Two Avenger Quick Action Pipe Clamps #C02001 Made in Italy
Avenger 20"  5.75' Double Riser Column, Black/Chrome Steel. #A2014CB
Buy: $80.88
Avenger D700 - Collapsible Reflector Holder
Buy: $59.88
Avenger C210 Baby Pipe Lighting Clamp - Made in Italy - Works with Truss
Avenger 10.6" Turtle Base for Century C Stand, Silver #A2009
Buy: $91.88
Avenger Maxi Kit 12.7' Lightstand, Four Riser, Black Aluminum #A635B
Buy: $152.88
Avenger 19 feet Overhead Stand 58, Chrome Steel #A3058CS
Buy: $434.88
Avenger 10.75 feet Century C-Stand, Black Steel #A2033LCB
Buy: $162.88
BRAND NEW Avenger A2018F C-Stand (Chrome-plated, 5.7') BRAND NEW
Buy: $129.0
Avenger A0025B Aluminum Baby Photographic Light Stand 25 w/Leveling Leg (Black)
Buy: $199.88
Avenger 5.75 feet C-Stand 18 w/5/8in Stud, Black #A2018FCB
Buy: $137.88
Avenger C345 Barrel Clamp with 5/8in Spigot, Silver #C345-1
Buy: $72.18
Avenger Long Telescoping Hanger with Universal Head - SKU#948267
Buy: $149.0
Avenger 40"  Lightstand, 10' Double Riser C-Stand, Chrome Steel. #A2033F
Buy: $151.88
Avenger 3.2 ft. Baby Backlite Stand (Black)
Buy: $129.88
Avenger C339BB Grab Clamp with Baby Bushing
Buy: $108.88
Avenger 5.75ft C-Stand 18 w/5/8in Stud, Silver Chrome #A2018F
Buy: $129.88
Avenger A2033F Century C Stand  A2033F
Buy: $151.39
Avenger Long Telescoping Hanger with Universal Head SKU#877127
Buy: $139.01
Avenger Pump Cup With Baby Swivel Pin
Buy: $74.88
Avenger 19.3 feet Overhead Stand 59, Chrome Steel #A3059CS
Buy: $318.88
Avenger H660 6.0 x 6.0' Lightweight Frame
Buy: $350.0
Avenger 50mm (2") Poly-Holder with 5/8" Spigot - SKU#1049445
Buy: $79.0
Avenger 4.5 feet Detachable C-Stand 16, Silver Chrome #A2016D
Buy: $151.88
Avenger C4482 MP Double Truss Clamp - Free Swivel
Buy: $49.99
Avenger A625B Midi Kit Stand A625B
Buy: $92.79
Avenger C1000 - Drop-Ceiling Scissor Clamp
Buy: $8.99
Avenger A2033FCBKIT C-Stand Grip Arm Kit (Black, 10.75) A2033FCBKIT
Buy: $215.0
Avenger D200B 2.5 Grip Head - Black - D200 - Aluminum - 5/8" Stand Mount
Buy: $32.99
Avenger A5033- Folding Base Wheeled Studio Stand
Buy: $219.88
Avenger C210 - Baby Pipe Clamp with Tommy Bar
Buy: $59.88
Avenger Baby to Junior Swivel Pin with T Handle
Buy: $59.88
Avenger D500LB - 20" C-Stand Extension Arm Black
Buy: $39.88
Avenger C1005 - Scissor Clip with Cable Support
Buy: $10.95
Avenger F809 - Wall Plate With 90 Degree Baby Pin
Buy: $19.95
Avenger Baby to Junior Swivel Pin with Ratchet Handle
Buy: $59.88
Avenger Baby-To-Junior Swivel Pin
Buy: $39.88
Avenger Set Of 6 T-tops D050 Tripod Accessory
Buy: $21.52
Avenger Scissor Clamp With Cable Support C1005 Tripod Accessory
Buy: $23.86
Avenger A2033FKIT C-Stand Grip Arm Kit A2033FKIT
Buy: $195.88
Avenger Double Stud E250 5/8" long
Buy: $19.95
Avenger C1575B Super Clamp To Any Tube Pole Beam .51-Inch to 2.15-Inch
Buy: $31.68
Avenger A2030DKIT C Stand Kit A2030DKIT
Buy: $229.0
NEW Avenger C4463 MP Eye Coupler with Lifting Ring-Replaces C4163L
Buy: $32.92
Baby-to-Junior Swivel Pin Steel Construction Receiver Large Adapter Feature Male
Buy: $48.99
AVENGER Bogen Professional F10003 Adjustable Friction STUD (20mm) EXCELLENT
Avenger 40"   With Swivel Pin D570 Photo Light Accessory
Buy: $65.96
Avenger D306 Articulated Arm with Snap-In Hexagonal End
Avenger A2030D 40-Inch Detachable Legs Century Stand 30 with 2 Risers (Ch... New
Buy: $197.99
Avenger A5029 Low Base Roller Photographic Light Stand 29 New
Buy: $303.99
Avenger F301 Baby Wall Plate
Buy: $29.11
Avenger A5034 Folding Base Roller Photographic Light Stand 34 New
Buy: $355.99
E650 6-Inch Baby Pin With Collar (Silver) Photographic Light Mounting Hardware "
Buy: $11.98
Avenger E650 6-Inch Baby Pin With Collar (Silver)
Buy: $12.26
Avenger D390 Universal Flextension Kit
Buy: $85.99
Avenger A2030DKIT Steel 40-Inch Detachable Base C-Stand with Grip Kit (Chrome)
Buy: $248.83
Avenger A2016DCB 4.5-Inch C-Stand 16 with Detachable Base Black
Buy: $179.78